Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daily School Report 10/22/14


This morning ABA therapy went well considering Dylan and I didn't make it to bed until 3:30 a.m.. The good thing about him staying up so late is he doesn't cry on the bus because he's sleeping. He's been taking an hour nap everyday on the bus ride to school since we moved his room . The bus driver told me at beginning of the school year she needed to move Dylan's seat back further on the bus so he wasn't screaming in her ear. I get it, I understand we go through tantrums like this daily and for everyone's safety she probably made a good call. I haven't drove going to school many times but when I have it wasn't the pleasantest of rides. About half way there every time Dylan would be in full on tantrum. I really feel for his bus driver.

Today at school Dylan did the following according to the daily objectives send home sheet sent by his teacher.
  • Completed fine motor activity with lots of prompting
 His daily classroom actives were
  • Play skills 
  • Gym Class
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Language arts
  • Snack
  • Library
  • Morning work
  • Sensory activity
  • Calendar
  • Lunch

The teacher left a comment today was a really rough day. Dylan slept on the bus for 1 hour and woke up in a happy mood. He did well until about 1:30 pm . He was attending calendar with the group and all the sudden broke out in full scream scratching himself and pulling at his clothes. He kept trying to take his shirt off and was acting like there was something crawling on him. The teacher took him to the school nurse, where she called me and ask me did Dylan have any skin condition. I told her yes, when it starts to get cold outside Dylan gets bad episodes of eczema. Although this morning I didn't notice any dry patches on him. I asked her did they have any lotion there they could put on him until he come home. She then informed me that unless Dylan had a doctors note for lotion they couldn't put it on him there. After the phone call the teacher noted, Dylan was still itching and pulling at his clothes so they decided to put his extra t-shirt on to see if it was just the shirt bothering him. She said he did calm down some, but was unable to focus the rest of the day.She did send home some really awesome pictures though, I love getting pictures taken at school of him in his everyday routine.


Jasmine seemed to have a good day at school today. She come home and all she could talk about was the NED show that happen during an assembly today. She told me nuts did yo-yo tricks and he was teaching everyone how to do them. She also brought home a flyer to buy one of Ned's yo-yo's . Ned told her and her friends if they did their best and never gave up they would be yo-yo champions in no time.

No homework tonight, but she still does need to read her AR books. Although I think I'm going to have a little trouble with that. Seeing as she was awake one minute talking to me, and passed out the next. I think she had a really exhausting day at school so I'm letting her rest. Before she fell asleep we also had her finish one late homework assignment so that she could turn it in tomorrow. She gave a small fight but gave in as soon as I said if you finish this you can go to your friends for an hour. She didn't actually make it to her friends she just fall asleep lol.

Well thanks for stopping by and see you next time.


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