About me

       Hi my name is Jessie Cody, 26 years old. I'm from probably the smallest town to exist in Michigan. SAHM of 3 children, Jasmine, Dylan and Sofia. Dylan and Jasmine are special needs in there own ways. Dylan is autistic and Jasmine is high level anxiety and nocturnal epilepsy. I have a wonderful loving, and supportive husband and we love our little country life.

I enjoy singing, blogging, and learning how to do things myself. I'm the type of girl who would watch a YouTube video having zero experience in mechanics and try to fix her own washer machine - I actually have done that a few times and my washer is still fine to this day lol. I see inspirations everywhere I look and I'm itching to share them with the world.
So why do I blog, you ask?
  I wrote a post about it, there are probably more reason then I put but thinking about them all at once puts me into ramble mode LOL. Check it out. If you have any questions ask me in the comments. thanks:)


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