Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Curling Iron - Elechomes EB201 Studio Salon Home Collection Perfect Digital Ceramic Curling Wand, Professional Hair Curler Tool Set Offers Maximum Versatility, Pink - White (Misc.) #Review

Product Description

This Elechomes EB201 Ceramic Curling Wand improves heat distribution and helps the selected temperature remain even throughout the entire wand to create an effortless glide with no snagging curling style you want just at home. Easy to use, just wrap and go!
Effortless Curls Hairstyling
Whether you're lusting after loose waves, a fun-and-flirty flip-do or just a few bouncy curls, this Elechomes Ceramic Wand has you covered. Conical shaped, tapering and thinning out at the end, it makes curls smaller at the ends than those nearer to the roots, giving you a natural and shiny look all day long.
Heats up Fast and Temperature Controls Easily
It helps you stay in control with a variable heat control ranging 160-210℃/320-410℉ With its easy-to-read digital display and temperature lock, the wand lets you decide the heat level and secures it with the LCD lock to prevent temperature from changing during use.
Smooth ceramic coating to protect your hair from damage.
Nano heater
With a holder for better use.
Auto power off if no use within 30 mins.
Power cable can be rotated 360¡Γ£for easy hairstyling.
High temperature resistant material, safe to use and hard to broke.
Package Contents
1 x Elechomes Ceramic Curling Wand
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
Seller Warranty
- 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
- 12 Month Replacement Warranty
- Lifetime Support Guarantee
Do not touch the heating part while using to avoid scalds and make it get away from water and heater.
#CurlingIron find it here - find my #review here - πŸ‘ŒπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰

The Review

I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

It took me a minute to even be able to use this iron as I have 4 children now and my hair style is usually in a permanent mommy bun, but there are certain times when I like to make myself up. Well with that being said I'm in no way an expert with curling irons and find some of them difficult to use. I really like the high temp setting my it super thick and I usually have to keep my hair wrapped around a wand of a longer period of time then other girls (another reason i don't curl it often. It takes too long even with small sections) or so I feel like its longer. This wand put the heat through my hair quickly also the wand itself heated up pretty quickly. Now on thing I found tricky but useful was the small clip at the base. I can not for the life of me wrap my hair around a clip less wand and a full clip can sometimes leave a line in the curl that can be annoying. This wands little clip at the base helped me start wrapping my hair, it was tricky in a sense that it took me a minute to try to find out how much hair I could clip at once. But I also feel like that helped me once I got it to know how my hair to curl at once. None of my hair was burnt or stuck to the wand which I used on the highest setting, spraying with hairspray while curling. My hair is just to heavy not to. Overall I enjoyed the using this wand. Thanks for allowing me to review it

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dylans birthday mom freak out #autism

   Since Dylan was born year after year I find myself in this constant struggle with holidays that are supposed to be special for my kids together as a family. This year on his birthday its no different. Coming up soon, august 23rd its too close and I'm freaking out.
   What do I buy him as a gift? Now a lot of people would say, "your his mother, you should know him best." To be honest though I'm still very much trying to figure him out, and may never. He changes so quickly what he like or dislikes. Hes still not eating or liking big crowds, so throwing a party for friends and family would just make him stressed out. Who on their birthday wants to be stressed out. I really am not the type to force him into anything if he seems to be in a lot of distress. So here I am, less than a week away from the date, still trying to figure out what might be a good gift and how to celebrate with him in a non stressful way.
   I had thought about taking him to a bounce house place in owosso called kazoos. But on the other hand if there is too many people there he wont enjoy it at all and want to leave right away. Its not like I'm not willing to give it a try, just that I want the whole day to be enjoyable for him.
   I've spent hours upon hours searching amazon for the best toy as gift for him. Coming up to a dead end every time. Hes still into his jumping around all day long and could definitely use another trampoline, but that's kinda an expensive buy and I really don't have the money for it.  I texts his dad (we are separated now) and asked him because its his week that week (with the kids at his house) if he was doing anything with Dylan and if he was could I possibly come to it. Money is tight for him as well, so his plans were to do nothing. While for his dad that might be OK, to me its not and if hes not doing anything I still want to because I don't like to dismiss his birthday just because he doesn't have understanding right now of whats going on. I hope that someday he might and that there will be photos and stuff to remind him that he is anything but less to us.

   Even if its just finding a park that isn't busy and letting him explore it for the day.  No judgment on him, him just being himself thats what we will do. Turning 5 is a big deal, at least I think so, and doing something special whatever it might be is certainly a must. He likes water, its going to be hot maybe I'll take him to cole park in chesaning and let him go by the river. He likes kiddie pools and sprinklers. Idk I'm just rambling here but that's OK. Trying to figure out my a-typical children is hard but this is proving to be my life's obstacle course. Not that its a bad thing at all, just sometimes I wish I could read my boys mind and give him what he wants rather than everything he needs all the time. I got what he needs day in and day out,  routines, everything I got him.  But I would give anything to know what he wants.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Introducing Karmen Louise

  About 7 weeks ago on June 10th I welcomed my newest addiction into the world, Karmen Louise. My water broke at 30 weeks gestational and I stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks trying to keep her inside. The doctors wanted me to make it to at least 34 weeks and then they would deliver, but Karmen couldnt wait that long she arrived natural but breech at just 32 weeks. Her wieght at birth was 3 lb 6oz, in her first 7 weeks of life has gained 2lbs.

I didnt blog through this pregnancy because I had far to may family and personal things going on and I was trying to figure my life back out. Some may already know, but for those who dont Joe and I are divorcing. Its been rough. Things are starting to get better, less stressful and so I will be blogging more. Super excited about that.

I just started getting back into the reviewing part of my blog, going to start more personal posts soon. I just wanted to let everyone know how are family has changed. I do currently have a boyfriend who is awesome with all the kids and just a great guy all together. Looking forward to sharing experiences with him and the kids together.

Well for now I'm gonna get off here.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil - Cats - Dogs #Zenwise

Zesty Paws Salmon Oil - Cats - Dogs

Product Description
  • A Tasty Pet Treat With Body Nourishing Benefits - Zesty Paws' Pure Salmon Oil is an all-natural supplement that keeps dogs and cats looking and feeling healthy from the inside out. This capsule-free formula makes for a great food topping on regular meals with a delicious flavor that all pets will go wild for.
    Packed with Powerful Omega-3 Nutrients, this premium product is rich with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids derived from EPA and DHA to deliver vital nutrients that keep coats soft, bodies healthy, and skin hydrated and itch-free. Works great with small, medium and large breeds!


The list of benefits are endless, and your pet will love you for it!- Keeps skin hydrated and itch-free

- Nourishes their coat for a fuller and softer touch

- Keeps their joints lubricated and functional

- Supports the immune and cardiovascular system

Make Zesty Paws your go-to source for premium pet supplements and unbeatable customer support.
- Convenient 16 fl oz bottle for simple storage

- Easy, mess-free pump-bottle dispenser. No capsules needed.

- Made in FDA-registered facilities that are GMP certified

- Manufactured in the USA

The Review

Firstly I explain my dogs, I have 2 with very different issues that this product helped both with.

Tank is our 6 year old pit, he has problems with his skin and coat. At the time I got this product if you touched him his fur would just fall out. Shedding was a huge problem with him, we would vacuum and 20 minutes later it would look as if we didn't at all. I got the salmon oil and used as directed by weight.

Ranger is our 1 year old pit/lab mix. even though he is so young he is already having joint problems. He is still a puppy and wants to play. He is our dog we take everywhere with us as he gets along with every person and animal he meets. We have a lot of friends with other dogs and he plays hard with them. At the end of the day, Ranger is sore and you can hear sometimes his joints popping. So we also started him on the salmon oil as directed by weight.

Do not expect for the product to be a quick fix, because its not. but it does help in the areas it says it will after a week or two. The worse thing that happened with the salmon oil was that in the first couple weeks I wasn't seeing much improvement but both dogs would get gassy with it. It was a stinky few weeks but then I started noticing the dogs and their symptoms getting better. Tanks fur wasn't falling out as much and he was scratching a lot less. Ranger was taking less days to recover from his puppy playing with other dogs. We are about 4 weeks into starting this and I would say that it has done its job and helped loads. We are going to keep this in our dogs routine. I would recommend it to anyone with problems like our dogs have.

I hope you found this review helpful, I did receive this product free of charge in exchange for my review but the does not effect my review at all. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Its been awhile.....

     Its been awhile since my last post, but life has still continued on here. Dylan started full day school the day after labor day. He surprisingly didn't have very much trouble transitioning to getting up at 6 am and coming back home at about 5 pm. I had stopped his ABA therapy because I truly didn't know how he would react to being in school a full day, since he has been fine I'm going to be starting it back up here soon.

     Dylan wont be with any of the same workers he had before. It really sucks that he cant continue his therapy with his pervious workers, but I am one heated mommy and I will explain why.

     Dylan started doing this tick type thing with his shoulder.  He would bring his shoulder up and rotate it kind of like you would if it were sore and at the same time rotate his head in the same direction. It was a new thing and everyone was unsure why he was doing it, it did seem odd. I talked to his everyday ABA worker about it right away. She then talked to her supervisor, who come to see Dylan doing the "tick" and right away diagnosed him with Tardive Dyskinesia herself, I'm not even sure if she's qualified to be diagnosing anything, but that was her opinion. TD is serious and she explained to me, even showing me videos of other people who have gotten this from taking Risperdal. Dylan was on Risperdal and so I called his doctor, who told me to stop the drug right away and to bring Dylan in right away which I did.

    So I took Dylan to the neurologist who is the prescribing doctor of Dylan's Risperdal. Where he was able to observe Dylan's "tick", also in the same day did an EEG test on him which he explain to me only confirmed his severe autism. He saw Dylan doing his "tick" for a good 20 minutes before we were able to get enough meds in him for him to be sleepy enough to wear the cap for the brain wave test. He assured me that what Dylan was doing was simply self stimulating, but to assure me even more we changed his meds to Abilify and were sent home to see if they would work. The reason I have Dylan on anti-psychotics at all is because his temperament changes super quick, and he lacks the ability to self soothe and calm himself once he is so upset. He does things like self harming by scratching, pitching, hitting and slapping. When on Risperdal he was like a totally different kid, much happier with life and more calm around other people. He would still have his occasional upset where he couldn't calm down, but when he would do it while on Risperdal it usually meant there was something more going on, like him getting sick or he had a pain.  When he wasn't on Risperdal it was extremely difficult for me to filter out what was going on with him all the time. Being he is non verbal, with little experience with PECS or sign language, he would pretty much throw a huge fit over anything and everything to get his point a crossed that he was in need or wanted something. there was lots of self harming involved and I would be heart broken over it every time.

   We gave Abilify a good shot, 2 weeks straight of constant fits and self harming. It was like Dylan reverted back to him pre-anti-psychotics only worse. He rubbed his face, neck and arms raw from self harming while having fits. Now I do try to stop him from self harming while in the fits I hold his hands away to stop him. There are occasions though when I can not, Like while driving in the car or when he does it while I'm sleeping. I was sick of watching him tear himself up and called his doctor and explain to him that Abilify was not working out and I wanted to try something else. He told me there are at this point in Dylan's young life there were only 2 meds possible he could take for this reason that being Risperdal and Abilify. He said Dylan should have already been some what adjusted to abilify and that if he wasn't yet the medication was not working for him. He then told me that he wanted to put Dylan back on Risperdal and assured me again that he had no reason to think Risperdal was causing Dylan's tick in the first place and he only changed the meds bc he wanted to ease my  mind about the whole situation. We decided as a "team" (doctor and mother) because really that's what you are when it comes to taking care of your child and his patient (neither wanting to cause harm to Dylan), that the best thing for Dylan would be to return to taking Risperdal only this time he instead of liquid gave him mouth melts.

  Well, to shorten my story just a tad, the supervisor I had mentioned before turned me into CPS. She told them that I in fact put Dylan back on Risperdal against doctors orders. When on her last visit to see Dylan I specifically told her that Dylan's doctor told me he didn't have TD and that he was just self stimming and as a "team" me and his doctor decided it was best for him to go back on it. I believe just out of spite she turned me in with false allegations. She has always been super (overly)opinionated while overseeing Dylan's ABA therapy sessions, but I put up with her because Dylan loves his everyday worker and to have her, We had to have her supervisor. Now I refuse to have her apart of anything that has to do with Dylan. As I told his case manager when she come to see me about a week ago, there should be no reason for he to even have to speak my child's name. I don't even want the "new" team Dylan received for his ABA to be able to consult with her about anything pertaining my son. For her to mentioned to anyone let alone CPS that I would intentionally put my son in harms way makes me sick to my stomach and I will not stand for it. I have never and I will never do anything that could harm Dylan. Anyone who knows me knows that my world is Dylan, I may have 3 children in total and I don't like to say I have a favorite, but Dylan needs me more and I would do anything for him at anytime, He is my only son! I believe sincerely that God puts the special children with special mothers because he knows they can handle it. I got this!

I'll update more later, I'm hoping to get a new camera soon as well so keep watch for the pictures. I'm sure I'll be so excited to have one again I wont be able to contain just one shot, I'll be sharing it all :)
till next time,
Jessie pearl