Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daily school report 10/23/14


Today Dylan didn't have school. It was home visit day for the teachers. Because I had to take Jasmine to the dentist in the morning I left Dylan here with my mother. When I come back my mom told me Dylan's ABA therapist had come in and tried to wake him up , but he wouldn't wake up. She tried for 45 minutes, and he just wouldn't wake up. So I tried to wake up Dylan about 30 minutes after my mom left was about noon and he still wouldn't wake up. Finally at 1 pm I said enough is enough I poked him till his eyes were half open and then tickled him till they opened all the way up! As most of you know I changed Dylan's room due to his other room being too small. He is in an adjustment stage, it's only been three nights inside his new room and he's not sleeping well. He's staying up to 3 a.m. Sometimes later. I'm thinking tonight we might try a little melatonin. Just to try to help him get through the night. I don't usually like using melatonin on him, Dylan puts up a fight with it. He'll throw tantrum for maybe an hour before finally crashing out. But to help him balance sleep and his daily schedule I think it's a necessity. Hopefully tomorrow he wakes up for ABA and is able to go to school.


Today Jasmine has a dentist appointment. We found out the crown that she had put in about 2 weeks ago was infected and so they're going to need to extract the tooth. I don't really like the idea because then she will need a spacer. Last time she hasn't had a spacer put in the dentist told us her tooth wouldn't grow for another 2 years, but 3 months later her tooth started growing in. They already see her tooth coming down, she is 8 years old these teeth weren't supposed to come in until about age 12. It concerns me because they told me her adult tooth doesn't have very much root. The dentist said that Jasmine would need to be careful with it, how do you tell a 8 year old to be careful with her teeth? Its a bit puzzling.

On another note, all late homework assignments have been turned in. Which is great because we are caught up and now Jasmine can see that keeping up is going  to be better for her. She won't have to rush to try to get things done all in one night. She will have more time to play with friends and do the things that she wants to do. Nobody really likes homework and if they do well I don't really know what to say about that lol. I mean I know certain things can be fun like Lexia, that Jasmine does with her tablet. But lately all the work she brings home is entirely too hard for her, and it makes homework time that much rougher. We are going to make it through this, and she'll see all her hard work paid off.

Cheer leading tonight was awesome. The girls were all revved up, I have never seen them yelling so loud. They are almost entirely in sync with each other. They're getting a lot better.

They are so cute!

Well Until Next time,


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