Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dreaded House Cleaning/Organizing

Oh' ma' what clutter you have!

     I don't know you about you, But I dread cleaning. Its like you go over one room making it flawless, then move on to the next and the monsters (kids) move in like a hurricane just tearing everything apart again. It just never fails, its like their mind tells them when they enter a fresh speckle free room "Must Destroy". While I love all my kids to death even my in live nephews, 5 kids is overwhelming at times. The amount of dirty clothes, toys and general clutter, where do I put it all. It always seems like we're picking up something and moving it to another place and it just sits there. We need a overhaul of de-cluttering. With 8 people in the house we have nowhere to put anything.

      How about this if you have a ton of things in your house your not using and you just know it will sit in the closet you so desperately need to get the clutter out of view; Get rid of it! Take it to the local donation center in your area and let the next person deal with it. That's what I'm going to do. "oh these don't fit?" toss "you don't ever play with that?" toss "I didn't even know I had that!" toss. What is the use of keeping everything. I come from a long line of "pack-rats" and I'm telling you I'm about to break the cycle. If we don't need it or use it, Its gone. Half of the struggle with cleaning is the  clutter. For example Do Your kids have a Corner in your house they just toss unwanted underplayed  toys in? Mine do. These toys are feeling like the toys from Toy Story when Andy went to college right now.
  Everything in this picture is going to be taken to the donation center or thrown out if its not usable. They wont be missed either the kids have outgrown them or lost interest in them. There's more in the bedrooms too this is just the over spill of toys. I doubt I will hear one "Oh where is that?" when all of these are gone. Now I could just clean this all up and get it all neat looking, but guess what tomorrow it would look the same, there's just to much! I have recently even started pleading with my mother to take some home LOL. "Oh mom you could use this at your house right?" " You bought it, Here just take it!"

Not to mention there will be more on the way with the holiday and birthday season peaking in my house soon. There will maybe even be more to get out before then. Can you imagine 5 kids for Christmas in one house with 3 of thier birthdays being in December and January? I can! And I'm starting to panic.  Soon I will have no home, It will just be looking like a unorganized preschool.

      If you have old pieces of furniture just sitting around like us, Our barn tends to be a collect all of the unwanted things in house, maybe use it to build something useful like an organizing shelf. We had this children bed sitting out in our barn for about a year now just collecting dust. So today while in my "how do I get this organized? mode, I think I want to build a organizer bookcase, you know the type you stick little wicker baskets in. I wanted to buy one there just too expensive for us. And to be honest I  probably need a lot more then just 1. Now I know I don't know how to build and that might be a problem. But I also know that anyone who knows me knows I know how to use YouTube well. I once ripped apart my entire washer machine from watching a YouTube video about 50 times over and over, then pause and play while I was doing it just to be sure. I fixed the washer just like it showed in the video, putting it all back together perfectly. Guess what! When I plugged it back in and turned it on I was amazed because it WORKED! To me doing that myself was a whole lot better then paying some guy to come in my home milking the clock to get 200 bucks out of me that I don't have!

I'm positive my husband has some power tools laying around here that we never use that I'm ready to watch some videos to see how they work and start doing some more DIY stuff around here.  Making old into new useful things is my plain getting some of that "stuff" out of the barn.

We are actually waiting for the power drill to get charged right now to attempt to throw together a bookcase for the girl's room because they too have a corner with totes and a mess of toys When we start getting to it, You'll hear about it in another post:)

Well thanks for stopping by, just remember get some of the clutter out I'm betting all kids would never notice it gone if they haven't played with it in the last few weeks. 
Happy cleaning and De-cluttering


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