Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Daily School Report 02/03/15 - 02/04/15

Yesterday was a snow day, I made chili, everyone ate it. I must have not been feeling good because I fell asleep when Joe come home and didn't wake up till about 8 pm and I felt like doing nothing. Dylan stayed up late, but Jasmine stayed up later until about 2 am.

Jasmine didn't want to get up today, she was a serious grump. Her teacher also reported in her agenda that she kept falling asleep after lunch. I knew she would be tired, but I also think refusing to go to sleep does not mean a day off school. So I sent her knowing she might fall asleep. Shes been "Miss Attitude" that last couple of weeks. I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow, I'm hoping he will have some answers. 

Tomorrow when I take Jasmine to the doctor, it is actually an appointment for me too. I have never had insurance before and I recently was able to get some. I have issues just like Jasmine with her anxieties. Sometimes I think I might be worse than her. I am almost positive I have some form of agoraphobia. I get scared and anxious to do just about everything outside the house. I don't go out, or do things. I get seriously stressed out about whether or not I'm the best parent I am able to be. I try hard to do it all, and do it all perfectly, if there is such a thing. It's hard to do the things I need to do as a parent with anxieties.

Anyway, I chose Jasmines doctor because it's really hard for me to interact with anyone new, even if I want to. I have trained my brain to think her doctor's office is a safe place, if I had to go to any other office to see any other doctor I probably wouldn't go at all. I'm glad he told me he would take me as a patient as well. my physically symptoms are getting worse the closer the date gets.  Nausea, racing thoughts, general panic. I'm hoping I can make it into the building with out having a panic attack. That will be a good day then. *Big sigh*

 Dylan on the other hand seemed really tired. He didn't want to wake up much at all for ABA, he fell sleep about 3 times during the one session. I kind of figured he would just take a nap on the bus and be good to go at school when he arrived. It didn't really happen that way though. Dylan cried on the bus and about 2 of the 3 hours he was at school according to his teacher. I feel bad for him, but with all these days off, he's got to get back into the swing of the things. Me keeping him home when he's mad isn't going to help him, nor is keeping him home because he's tired. He has to get his routine back in order or he will have days like this every single day. It will get better, we just have to stick to it.

Today at school Dylan of the following according to the daily objectives send home sheet sent by his teacher.

1-No Response/hand over hand
2-Multiple prompts (Gestural, physical, visual, and/or verbal)
3-No more than 2 verbal prompts

  • 1 Imitate action with body or toys.
  • 1 Imitate speech sounds and environmental noises
  • 1 Indicate refusal by pushing away non-preferred objects with an appropriate force.
  • 1 Request object with a single picture with open hand cue and 1 prompt
  • 2 Complete fine motor activities
  • 2 Sit for 5 minutes at group without adult assistance
  • 2 Work on age appropriate table activity for 2 minutes

His daily classroom activities were
  • Play skills 
  • Gym class
  • Fine motor
  • Language Arts
  • Snack 
  • Morning work
  • Sensory Activity 
  • Calendar
  • Lunch

Dylans teacher left a note that today was a rough day. Dylan arrived crying and he cried from 12:15-1:45, only stopping to drink his bottle. We were in the gym from 1:30-2:00. He was finally able to calm down in the gym by walking away from the other students and standing by himself. Once he calmed down he walked around the 4 classes that were playing ball and running around the gym. He cried through 1/2 of library and all of story time. He cried about 2 of the 3 hours he was in school.

It breaks my heart to hear that it really does. I know though from experience Dylan needs time to adjust back. Me trying to shelter him from crying all day by keeping him home isn't going to help and will make his progress in school really slow.  I want to give him every opportunity there is. That in its self is a reason I need to get my own anxieties at bay. I want to give all my children everything there is to offer. I'm not talking about toys, or clothes or anything really material, but rather experiences in life. I never want to shelter them so much that they will become like me scared of their shadow.

Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for another daily school report :)

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