Monday, February 23, 2015

Daily School Report 2/23/15 For the Love of Coldness.

Honestly are we in the tundra right now. I'm pretty sure Alaska is warmer. The kids didn't have school today and if they don't have school again tomorrow with all honesty I may go insane. They have been out of school since Wednesday last week. This mama is in desperate need of an 8 hour day break. Ya'll know what it's like to clean a house with 3-5 kids in it at a time. I count 5 when Jassy's best friends are over and I really don't mind them being here they keep her busy! But I feel like I been just constantly cleaning for a week straight now.

I got a new camera :)

Jasmine got a new puppy :)

But really the puppy is Sofia's bc she won't leave her side.

Her name is Midnight :)

Dylan has surprisingly been great, no fits and all smiles. I gotta get used to this. I really think these meds are helping him. Before I was so dead set against him ever being on medications of any kind. Now I'm starting to see how well they work for him and how much more he enjoys things while he is on them. We have taken him just about every time we have gone out and took him inside in one day about 3 different stores and he is completely fine. The whole time because of my anxieties I was thinking we needed to rush, but we really didnt. He even rides inside the cart baskets now and is fine. It's hilarious to see Joey pushing this cart full of kids while I have my own to actually put things in. Its one of those "Semi" carts with the blue 2 seater hooked on to the cart. Jasmine sits there bc of her broken foot, then Sofia is in the actual cart seat and then Dylan in the basket. :) One day I'll take my camera to get a picture. People do give us the worst looks bc of Jasmines size being in that blue part. I don't really care I'm so used to people giving me looks they do it even when my son tries to vocalize and stims in public. You just brush it off and move on.   

Well, it's supposed to be even colder tomorrow so I think they will call school off again, but I hope there will be school,

Thanks for stopping by and check back tomorrow for another daily school report. 

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