Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Went Awol For Spring Break - Fishing

It feels like forever since I even had time on my hands to sit down and actually blog. I did miss it a lot, but on the other hand I got to spend some good quality time with my kids and husband. It was spring break last week, the kids went back to school today. It's just me and Sofia in the house all day and it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

Some of our experiences we did this spring break were going fishing for the first time ever. Some people might be like "Girl you live in Michigan and your 27 years old how is that possible?" Well, if I had before today I do not remember it so I must have been seriously young and well in our house every one of us suffer from some sort of anxiety, making it difficult to do just about anything considering somewhere along the line I developed agoraphobia. Anyway, it was an ok experience that I seemed to enjoy a lot. I went with all kids and fairly close to home, by fairly I mean practically in our back yard there is a river, not even 2 football fields away :)

I took Jasmine and her friend Destiny the first time we went, I really didn't pick a good day then because it was kind of cold to begin with. Then you get down to the water and breeze and your freezing. I didn't mind being cold, but Jasmine got her feet wet stepping in mud and so she got really cold really quick and we had to leave.

The next day we went it was a nicer day, still a bit windy but much warmer than the first time.

We tried really hard but didn't catch anything. That is until the kids started fishing for minnows :) They had a really good time doing that. A few of the poles got the lines messed up
They had a really good time doing that. A few of the poles got the lines messed up on them, and because this was my second time fishing I really didn't know how to fixed them, they started bucket fishing haha!
Jasmine fell in the mud somehow and well she wasn't thrilled about it at all!
She really wanted to just go home and change so I told her "yup right after I get this pic!" haha
All in all, it was fun and I plan on going fishing a lot more with the kids as the temps start getting back up there.

Thanks for stopping by and stop back soon and see our many adventures to come 

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