Thursday, April 30, 2015

Router Nightmare

I never knew how many electronics were connected to my router until it broke and I had to buy a new one with little money on hand. 3 Roku's, 3 tablets, 2 Xbox ones, 1 Xbox 360, and then there are mama's computer and laptop. I went to Walmart about a week ago, and it was considered an emergency because we do not even have TV without the router. I had to buy one for under $50. To be honest at that price range in Walmart, there isn't much to choose from so I blind eye picked. One of the worst things I have done while shopping.

This router refuses to load my blog. MY BLOG! why? My husband is still gaming on it, my kids are still enjoying Netflix. The only time I can get my blog to load is when everything else is turned off. It is more than a little irritating :(

I just wanted to let you guys know what was happening here and why posts have been slower than usual. Tomorrow I am going to purchase the same router I had previously, it wasn't a bad router it was just old and took more than its fair share of beatings from the kids. SO I'm going to stick with what works and that sure isn't this cheapo router I got on short notice.

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