Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wheels got a golf cart

Ever since last year at old gas tractor, all Wheels really wanted was a golf cart. If you didnt know, Mid-Michigan Old Gas Tractor Association puts on a tractor show every year, lots of proceeds go towords local charities and scholarships. Im not sure of all the details yet bc last year was my first year going and being apart of it. He and his dad drove 2 hours away last night to pick up this beauty for a mere  $600.
Wheels is stoaked about it. Me too because this means we wont have to walk to and from our campsite at Old Gas to do our jobs at the show. I'm not sure why, and most of it is hear say, beside me experiencing it last year for myself, it rains every year there and walking in the mud was hard in flip flops. Let just say, I'm surpised I didnt fall on my ass multiple times, considering there were a few times drinking adult breverages was involved. All in good fun though.
Anyway, until Old Gas Jasmine is gonna really enjoy it. Yay for 60 degrees in Michigan in February!!!

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