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Daily School Report 10/21/14


Last night we switched Dylan to a larger bedroom. He has been needing to switch for awhile now, we just thought the location of the larger room for his safety. Its right next to the bathroom and kitchen. At night we gate the room so Dylan can not get out and I'm certain he will be much more happy and safe there. In his other room its was a small 10x11 and we managed to fit a trampoline, crash pad, couch, toddler bed, doorway swing, TV stand and desk. But doing that only left Dylan with a small walk way and barely any room for therapist to get in and out of there, when they were all here at once; forget it not happening might as well give up now. 

His first night in the room wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. There was tons more stimming then usual but not a lot of temper tantrums. He did however stay up until almost 3 am before crashing out. And guess what he crashed on a bed! HE has only once before used a bed, Its why we had a couch in his room in the first place and he would only use it, nothing else. Before that was the playpen, it took forever to get him out of that thing and I was pretty content at first to see him sleeping on a couch. But being 3 years old and still in diapers was a major problem. He would soak through his diapers most nights and end up wetting the couch. Cleaning a couch soaked in urine isnt the easiest thing to do. So I got over him using it pretty quickly. Moving his room I knew he would need an adjustment period anyways, so I figured why not just take the couch away at the same time leaving him with only the bed or the crash pad to choose from. Anyways I'm super excited he chose the bed, this is progress :)

ABA Therapy today was ok, when he woke up he was still a little confused as to why he was in the room he was in. Dylan still lays when he drinks his pedisure as a baby would and had a routine of laying back on the couch when he was at home to be fed. He was pretty upset when I brought him his breakfast and there was no couch to drink it on. I just kept telling him it was ok, lean back on the crash it will be the same. after about 10-15 minutes of refusing to drink I did finally lay back on the crash pad to drink his cup.

 Today at school Dylan did the following according to the daily objectives send home sheet sent by his teacher.
  • Completed  fine motor activities
  • Sat for 5 minutes at group with out adult assistants
  • Worked on age appropriate table activity for 2 minutes
 His daily classroom actives were
  • Play skills
  • Gross Motor
  • Fine motor
  • SNack
  • Morning work
  • Senory activity
  • Calendar
  • Math
  • O.T.
  • Lunch
  • Handwriting program
Dylan's teacher made a comment that today was a great day! Dylan took an hour nap on the bus ride to school and woke up in a happy mood. I wrote her a note about Dylan's room change at home to see if it was going to affect him at school, She told me she did not notice any different, which is great I was worried.


Today was the meeting at Jasmine's school with her teacher, I was a bit nervous for it, I didn't really know what to expect. Thankfully her teacher was really easy to talk to. I told her my concerns about what Jasmine was doing at home, refusing to do homework and refusing to read. But even when I could get her to read, I didn't think she was fully comprehending the story she was reading. I would allow Jasmine to do homework by herself, then checking over it after she was done. Most of the time her homework answers we're almost all wrong. So I would say let's try that again, do you need help reading that? I would fully read the book to her, then ask her the questions when I was finished. She still had trouble getting the answers right. Me and her teacher both are concerned about her reading comprehension. To have any kind of success in school, you need to be a decent reader. Not being able to comprehend what she's reading, is making Jasmine fall behind in class.
She also told me refusal was not just happening at home. Which I was totally unaware of, and it made me super concerned. She told me that sometimes Jasmine just sits there while other kids are doing work, doing nothing. Sometimes she looks sleepy and she would need to ask her to get up and start moving around to wake up. She also still has a reading aid in class, but her teacher thinks that she needs more help than that. In about 2 weeks she's having a meeting with her colleagues to talk about Jasmine and possibly seeing what other kind of services they can give her in mainstream class, before they start testing her to see if she needs to be moved to special education.

She asked me how Jasmine was in previous years at school, if I had concerns then like I do now. I told her I have always been concerned about Jasmine's reading, but the steps from 2nd to 3rd grade was a big one. In second grade Jasmine didn't have a whole lot of homework coming home. It usually was only one spelling list each week and we would practice it 2 times and she was good. But I had never heard from one of Jasmine's teachers that she was even refusing to do school work at school.
We were asking Jasmine why she wasn't doing her work . She said that she didn't know. Now I think to Jasmine it is really embarrassing that her friends can do the work easily, but to her it's really hard. I don't see why else she would just sit in class doing nothing. It baffles me!

I guess I can say today was very informative. I have a lot to think about with Jasmine.

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