Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY Fall Decorative Basket

 First I would like to admit this was my time time using a hot glue gun LOL so I may have over done the glue just a bit. But I think what happened was great and anyone can do it if i did it :)

My Fall Deco Basket

It did take some time, about 2 hours but I believe for me it took longer then what it would take someone seasoned in crafts, I just started dappling and hadn't a clue what I was doing. 

My first step was stopping by the Dollar Tree, they had just about everything I needed.  I got the hot glue sticks, felt autumn style leaves, and the white plastic basket. The only things I needed to get that were not at the dollar tree were the twine/rope and the hot glue gun itself. They do have some twine at the Dollar Tree but it was so thin I could just see myself wrapping this little plastic basket for days. I picked some up at home depot.

So I get home and I read the instructions to the hot glue gun which I would have to say they were not informative at all, So I start firing away at my husband with the questions, he works at a factory and he told me they use these once in a while when things break. So I'm like OK there's no on switch what are we supposed to do now,  just plug it in he says ...hmmmm? So that's what I did the instructions did say it would take about 5 minutes to heat up, I'm sitting there poking at it once in while to see if its getting hot . It's not! We had a little mishap with the extension cord I was using and needed to get a different one. Let me tell you something I learned from this little experience though, poking a hot glue gun while its heating up is not the brightest thing to do, It gets up to 320 degrees. I found that out quickly because it did not take 5 minutes to heat enough to burn me . I never claimed to be the brightest bulb in the bunch :P

I begin the wrapping around of the twine/rope. And at first I failed! I didn't realize the glue would dry so quickly! I put an entire line of glue a crossed the bottom thinking Ok I know how to work this gun now lets try not to drop any glue on me. I do it so the time I actually go to put the twine on there its already dried.
Ok lets try this again shall we?  I pick all the glue off that was dried there and start over doing only about an inch at a time. Glue down.....Twine pressed firmly against it for about 10-20 seconds. OK it's sticking, we are on to something here. I continue around the entire thing at this slow pace. In the picture above you see the corners how there is a lot more area to place glue there, well for good measure I'm sure I applied entirely too much glue there. I'm guessing it will never come apart ever, if there was an apocalypse this basket would survive!

I continue wrapping and gluing until I get about 3/4 of the way up the basket and then I start thinking this basket is gonna look like poo in the inside :(  I get an idea, That if i could find someone in the house with a brown shirt I could just cut it up and use it as a liner. I'm totally sure my husband has one but he is so certain he doesn't. I know his certainty is coming from the fact that if I got my hands on that shirt it would be over-burned toast. I don't know how to sew, so I think if I could just cut this thing just right and hot glue it to the basket before I'm finished wrapping the twine it would still look alright. Joey never did find his shirt, but I found my moms towel she left here, sorry mom :) I love you.

It did work though I hacked the crap out of that towel until its was fitting all right and then used a whole lot of glue to make sure it stayed. I didn't grab a picture of this step I was too far gone in my Edward Scissor hands world making beauty. I finshed wrapping the twine around and it looked marvelous but was missing something. 

The leaves! I hot glued these together in a pretty arrangement and slapped them on both sides of the basket.

Finished Product!

I'm using it in my kitchen as a bread basket:)
My father told me I'm turning into quite the Susie Homemaker:)

You don't need to know how to craft to do this project, Just be careful. The glue and glue gun are extremely hot I got burnt a few times, didn't feel too good but didn't leave a mark.

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