Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Everyone-Daily School Report 10/31/14

Happy Halloween
Hope your Halloween was fun and safe!

 Today was extremely fun but tiring, Woke up at  6 :30 AM to be one the road by 8 AM driving to Dylan school. There were tons of activities there, they really put a lot of thought in to it and I'm happy we went. It might have been a really long drive but well worth it in the end.  We made it about 1 and half hours there we was surprising to me because when we go out we're are lucky if it can last 45 minutes. Also no crying on the way there or the way back. I was hoping to get a nap in when we got home, but not a chance Dylan is like the energizer bunny and no naps if hes awake. 

 He had no school or ABA therapy today it was just a full day packed with fun.

This is my youngest Sofia Lee

I didn't get too many photos, was super busy chasing my toddlers around :)

We did Trunker Treat out by my dads today is also his birthday.

He is defiantly a ham!

Jasmine had school today but they only threw a party!



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