Friday, October 3, 2014

Intro to me

               Hello my name is Jessie, I'm a SAHM of 3 children 2 are with special needs (autism and nocturnal epilepsy).  I've decided to start a blog about all the exciting stuff I find online. In the moment I'm totally addicted to finding reviews and giveaways I find useful to me, my family and/or my friends. I find the reviews to be so helpful in my decisions on what things I should purchase for my family. Hearing it come from another mother like myself who has tested it before hand is great. The giveaways are just awesome who doesn't like free stuff....right?  

                                               Dylan, 3            Jasmine, 8          Sofia, 22 mo.

This is a picture of my children Dylan, Jasmine, and Sofia.
Dylan is 3 years old and has autism. I search the web daily for things to help him with his sensory issues, pinterest happens to be my favorite site to find DIY things to make for him. Buying things he needs can be pretty expensive and so I find myself constantly searching for the same things in a cheaper way.
Jasmine is my first baby, shes 8 years old and suffers from bad anxieties and nocturnal epilepsy. She obsessed with cheerleading and watching "does this thing really work" videos on youtube. My goal with her it to find better ways for her to be more interactive with people. She tends to keep to herself and when she does make friends its hard for her to balance it all.
Then theres my youngest Miss Sofia lee, 22 months old and the most "normal" oddball in our home lol. Shes obsessed with  Frozen  and dancing and singing all together

At times when I blog about my children I will be very "raw" not holding back much. I dont want to come off as trying to be something I am not so I'll be very honest and to the point or try to be. If I buy something and my kids hate it, I'll let you know, just that same if they love it.

Well for now thats about it and until next time,
Signing out,

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