Saturday, October 4, 2014

DIY Sensory boards

      So last week I made a trip to Dylan's school for an IEP meeting with his teachers. In case you don't know, an IEP meeting it's just a meeting where you plan goals for your special needs student for that school year. Well anyway I have had these meetings before but never got to see Dylan's class room. So after the meeting the teacher asks me would I like to make the trip down to take a peek and of course yes I did. Dylan had been in school about 3 weeks already, but because of the hour drive to get there I had never actually got to see his class yet.
     So I enter the room and my first reaction was WOW. There were so many cool things everywhere and my eyes were bouncing all over the place with wonder. What's this, what's that, where do you get it? My eye got caught on what she called a sensory wall. It was cover with different 3d textures for the kids to touch and feel and explore on. Things like pebbles, pencils, buzzers that look like ones off game shows. All I could think was I have got to get this wall of awesomeness for at home. So I ask where did you get it? Her response blew my mind, she made it! She is beyond creative and I am so very thankful that Dylan has her as his teacher.
     I got home and couldn't get the wall off my mind so I drive to the dollar tree and see what we can find. There is so much there it can be overwhelming but I already had the picture of the wall in my mind and I wanted things like his teacher had. I also wanted to keep it simple.
   This is what I found.....

  • 2 plastic cutting boards
  • 2 boxes of bold color pencils
  • 2 packages of glass shiny pebbles( one pack little and one larger pebbles)
  • 1 tube of adhesive 
I get home and I get to work and this is what happened ......

     Not much to it only took maybe 5 minutes each to put together, they did take a while to dry though so I would recommend letting them sit over night before letting your child play with them or hanging them on the wall as I plan to do. I think that hanging them will make it more like the wall at school for Dylan but it will now be available to him at home which is so cool and for 7 bucks I don't think I did too bad. What ya think?


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