Saturday, October 18, 2014

Meeting Olaf from Disney's Frozen!

      Today all us, my sister Jamie, and her 2 sons , my husband Joe and I , and my 3 kids went to RollerHaven in Owosso, Michigan. They were having a big event going on where we could meet Olaf from frozen! Now before going I knew it would be no easy task. Jasmine, Joe, & I all have anxiety's when it comes to being in crowded places. Dylan had never been to a roller skating rink ever. But seeing as how frozen is my youngest daughter Sofia's favorite movie right now I knew we needed to chance that and go try to have some fun.

    When we arrived I could already tell Dylan was nervous. When we got him out of the car he tried to dart into an open field. Joe got a hold of him and handed him to me, I started walking him towards the building while the other were getting out. Trying to keep him calm, we went inside. It was terribly loud. we could hear each other talking to one another even yelling.

 We didn't want to skate we were there for Olaf, the bouncy house and possibly the snow ball fight. The line to see Olaf was long and keeping Dylan calm the entire time wasn't easy. I was holding his arm helping him with his pacing sway he does when hes anxious. We finally made it up to him and none of the kids were scared. But Dylan wasn't interested either LOL he looked at him one time with a big smile and then wanted to run into the rink I think because he saw the disco balls. I had Jamie hold him and I got Sofia and Jasmine to get a picture. Sofia wanted Olaf to hold her.

All I could think was "woowee" made it threw that OK now lets move on to the bouncy house. None of the really small ones wanted to go in and they were a little strict about going in if you didn't have a bracelet so only Jasmine and her cousin Jordan went in there.

Its important when your out with special needs kids to not pressure them too much you don't want to set them over the edge, and that's exactly what I was trying not to do.  If they want to that fine, but if they don't that's fine too. After the picture with Olaf  Dylan was done, He couldn't be put down, he was freaking out. I decided to let the bigger kids play a few more minutes in the bounce house before we left. Then an announcer said they were giving out prizes to special people who went out on the rink with skates and without skates. I let them stay for that too, But right after had to get going.

Sometimes it just happens like that you'll plan for an all day thing and it turns out to be a 45 minute thing, THAT'S OK. The Kids still got to meet Olaf and experience something new. And it was still really fun.

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