Saturday, October 4, 2014

DIY Chore Charts

   I been having trouble getting the older kids in my home, Jasmine and my nephew Jordan  to do much of anything. We have trouble sticking to routines even the most basic ones such as cleaning bed rooms and keeping things in order in the room and even when and where to do their homework.
     From having my son Dylan and working with OT's and ABA therapist I have learned that kids tend to be more visual. If they don't see it they can put it out of their heads for a really long time. So I wanted to make sure they didn't lose track of their responsibilities.

I wanted the kids to be able not only to see the chart but also interact with it, because I think if something is just hanging on a wall inside your home it might be forgotten too

Things you'll need

  1. Printer
  2. Multipurpose paper
  3. Laminator
  4. Laminator pouches 3mm
  5. Scissors
  6. Velcro( I used about 20 coin sized)

These are the steps I took to make it
The chart

  1. I went to and designed cute girl labels with all the chores written on them and also a bigger name tag for the top and printed each one out .
  2. Cut each one out individually
  3. Place the cut labels into the laminator pouches, make sure they're about 1/4 inch apart to give room for cutting after they have been laminated, run them through the laminator.
  4. Cut each one out individually 
  5. Now take 2 pieces of blank multipurpose paper stick them in the lamintor pouches and laminate them, Don't cut these.
  6. Now get your Velcro coin tabs and put then on the backs of the labels. I found it easier to put 2 on the back and then stick the connecting side to the one you already have on the label before pressing it to one of the blank laminated sheets you made. Press firmly to get it to stick there. You'll need to wait some time before actually using the chart to allow the Velcro to bond.  
The Pouch
  1. Take the other blank laminated sheet you  made and folding into 3 sections as you would a letter then fold again connecting the top to the bottom 
  2. Then place a piece of Velcro in the middle to hold it all together so that it will look like there are 2 pouches
    I put my daughters on the wall with Velcro also but you can use anything like tape or tacks.
The idea is when they have finished their chore they will rip off the label and place it in the pouch so they can visually see what they have to do and whats been done. When there pouch has all the labels in it maybe they will get a surprise or treat :)

I hope you found this helpful


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