Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Dreaded Night Time Diaper Removal

Do you have a child nearing the age of 2 years? It doesn't have to be exactly two years just nearing the age of potty training. Well I have two of them in my house right now, Sophia 22 months old and Dylan 3 years old. Neither are completely ready to be potty trained but they're at a stage where they surely know how to get them diapers off by themselves. There have been countless morning I have woke up to both my children in their birthday suits. They soak the bed, or in Dylan's case the entire room. I have once woken up to Dylan having pooped and taking off his diaper and let me tell you what, it was the most disgusting mess ever. It was everywhere, all over his room, all over him. I had to spend the whole day cleaning just because he took off his diaper at night. I have a few tips and how you can try to keep that diaper on all night long. 

  If you have a small child and they're still able to fit into onesies you might as well use those. But for children like mine who grew out of 24 months before they were even 18 months you got to get creative. Finding t shirt onesie to fit 3t size children or larger is nearly impossible.  If you can't find them you need to make them or use what you have already.

Use footie pajamas. You know the zip up kind children you usually wear in the winter. First cut off the feet. If its not even close to winter, and you know that it's going to be too warm for them to wear the fleece material on their legs go ahead and just cut them into shorts. The same with the arms if its too hot just cut them off too. Now put them on your child backwards, yes backwards. Zip them up, and I can guarantee that diaper will still be on in the morning.

Now maybe your child doesn't like fleece material, how about using a Halloween costume . It will have to be a Halloween costume that is overall to work like overall Spider man overall Batman whatever stick that on them. They usually already are done up in the back. So you won't need to put them on backwards just put them on. If it's done with Velcro you might want to maybe sew some buttons on there to make sure that they can't get it off. 

Or you could even use overall bibs. You won't need to put them on backwards if your child doesn't know how to unhook them. But if they do put them on backwards so that they can't get to the hooks to undo them. 

Now I know there's some children out there who don't like to wear anything but a diaper to bed. For them children you're going to need some masking tape. What makes them able to take off their diaper is the tabs are Velcro and so easy to pull, if you put masking tape from tab to tab on their diaper in the front will have a much harder time getting it off. I have never tried the masking tape I have just heard from friends and Dylan therapist that it works. But I have tried all the other options and they work great.

There's also the double diaper option. You put one diaper on and then another over top and hope that they don't get them both off by morning. I've never use this option it can get really expensive. And it's just plain wasteful in my opinion.

What worked best for us was the footie pajamas option. Once you zip them in that backwards there's absolutely no way that they can get out of it and so there's no way they can get their diaper off, they can't even get their hands in their. You might be thinking oh my goodness, they're going to look ridiculous! They will, LOL but who cares? They're just going to sleep, no one is going to see them. And it will make for a cleaner and happier morning for you. I hope you found this helpful :)


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