Monday, November 3, 2014

Daily School Report 11 / 3 / 14


This morning was ok. We definitely got up earlier than planned. But what can I expect when daylight savings time just happened. Dylan was a bit antsy by 10 AM, it was kind of like if the bus was late or if he didn't have school that day. Pacing by the door and waiting. I wanted to let him know that the bus was coming so about 20 minutes before it was time to actually go outside and wait for the bus, I took him out and started walking him down the sidewalk. Walking on the sidewalk has been becoming a routine with his OT while she is here. He's actually pretty good at holding hands now, and I like it. There are a few moments when Dylan and I do something that makes me feel, I don't really know how to explain it, I want to say connection, but I already have a strong connection to Dylan I guess I could say a way that we show a connection to each other. It used to be that I would hold his wrist, and he would be led by me to go anywhere. He didn't like me to hold his hand but his wrist was ok. Now he wraps his little hand around mine and it's great! Sometimes autism makes a parent feel like they can't show their child affection. And holding Dylan's hand make me feel like I was giving him some sort of affection.

Another thing that I've been working on with Dylan on my own is kicking the back of my seat. Dylan got too heavy to be lifted by me from the sliding door on my van to the way far back seat in the back. So we moved his seat to directly behind the drivers seat where he will kick to stim. We've been trying to correct him saying stop kicking, while placing our hands on his feet to show him what stop means and also pairing the word kicking with what he's doing which is kicking. We can only do this while my husband's in the car, because I won't reach around while driving obviously. I wouldn't say it's working out too well, but it's a start.

Today at school Dylan did the following according to the daily objectives send home sheet sent by his teacher.
  • Requested Objects with a single picture with open hand cue and 1 prompt.
  • Completed fine motor activity
  • Sat for 5 minutes at group without adult assistance
  • Worked on age appropriate table top activity
 His daily classroom actives were

  • Play skills
  • Gym class
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Language arts
  • Snack
  • Morning work
  • Sensory activity
  • Calendar
  • Lunch

Dylan's teacher made comments today was a good day. Dylan seem to enjoy being at school today, he took a nap on the way to school and was a bit groggy when the bus assistant woke him up. But it didn't take long to get in the swing of things. And also they bowled during gym class today.


Jasmine was still running a temp today, so I didn't send her to school. I checked her temp throughout the day there were a couple of times she was running at 101, which isn't too high but I think it's high enough to say she is still contagious. If she still has a temp tomorrow I won't be sending her neither.
She just kind of hung out in her room all day, watching Netflix. She didn't say she was hungry too much. She did end up making herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but I think it made her feel worse. I guess we'll just have to see how she does tonight.

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