Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rainy Days - Indoor Platform Swing - Review

As many of you know my son is autistic and suffers greatly from sensory processing disorder. As such his ABA therapists, OT and myself are always looking for new ways to calm Dylan down.

Dylan OT has a somewhat larger scale swing she brings into my home, and it literally will take up the entire living room. Every time she would come it would just be totally in the way. I didn't much like that as I have other children and need to move around constantly in and out of the living room during the sessions. We decided to order Dylan his own smaller version would be best.

We chose Rainy days indoor platform swing because Dylan already has the Rainy days bar in his bedroom doorway. We knew it would fit and have all the right hook ups to go with the support bar he already had. We got it from, item number 8IPLS. When purchasing the swing you will need to already have the Rainy Days support bar or purchase that separately.

Some of the swing features are:

It promotes balance and strengthens your core.

It be used standing or sitting.

It has a foamy gripper pad in the middle, so your child won't slide off easily.

It is a compact doorway swing.

Dimensions are:

L: 47" x W: 17" x T: 3"

Here is a little clip of Dylan using the swing.
 (He's being very vocal turn down your volume :))

Dylan really enjoys this swing, in the video you can see him trying to get himself in the mirror on the wall LOL, he gets excited to use this swing. My hopes are that because the swing is so low to the ground one day when Dylan gets enough balance he will be able to use the swing by himself.

I also love that it's made so that kids can stand on it as well. The foamy gripper pad in the middle of the board makes it really hard for your feet to slip. Dylan doesn't do this yet, but I imagine he will. Right now its just keeping his little butt firmly planted on it. It makes me feel safe enough not to hover him too much while he's using it. While I do still stay close and would never recommend leaving a child Dylans age by their selves while using it. It does make the swing safe to have that on there. I can see him really enjoying this swing for years come.

Its easily put together, only 2 things come inside the box when it arrives. The board with notches and the suspension rope with 4 bars attached to it. You simply put the board inside the rope sitting on top of the 2 bottom bars and make sure the ropes are in place in the notches in the wood. Then it's ready to go. It's easily taken down when you're finished too, and can easily be stored inside a closet.

It didn't say a weight limit on it, but I think that all depends on the hardware you're using to hold it up, make sure you know how much weight your support bar you use can hold.

As always with any sensory item I would recommend trying one out first to see if it will suit your child's needs well. Allow an adjustment period of about a month to see if your child really does or doesn't benefit from the item

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