Monday, November 3, 2014

Thrifty Shopping w/ Jessie.

Saturday while I was out and about I ended up stopping at this huge thrift store in the city. I love thrift stores, not only because you can get things cheap but because it defiantly makes me feel like I'm leaving less of a footprint on the world. I am by no means a "Green" person, its not that I wouldn't want to be. Its just extremely hard to let go of a lot of things you depend in your day to make things easier. At thrift store they have just about everything. But I never expected to find a sewing machine for $12.

Mind you I have never used a sewing machine in my life, but I think its one of those things ever mom should learn. SO I am going to attempt to learn how to use a sew machine, I cant make any promises on how that's going to turn out because when you purchase things at the thrift store sometimes there are things missing from the box. What was missing from the sewing machine was the manual. LOL so I have the sewing machine with no clue how to use it but I'm determined and I know how to use google search :)

Looking at it though I admit I am clueless.

I know its a really old model but if it still works and it did I plug it in at the store and pushed the peddle :) Why not use it right? Also being that I have never had any experience with sewing at all, I think starting out with a hand me down from a thrift shop was best. If I find that I need more stitches or something after I got the main idea of how to sew I might go and buy a nice fancy one. For now while I'm learning I think this was a great Thrifty buy!

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