Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reduce the Stress of Special Needs Parenting

Ever feel like you just want to turn it all off? Like everything is closing in on you and your not sure what to do. It's OK to take a mommy time out. Mommies need down time too. You might think there is zero way to get away from it all, but there are ways and you might just be overlooking them. Here are some ways I get away without actually getting away.

I listen to music. If My daughter has "been in my ear" way too long for the day. Her anxieties drive both me and her crazy. "Mommie, mom, ma, mama, but ma, I can ma?" It's an all day thing for her to do that to me. Its OK for it to upset you and to admit you had enough. But its not OK to just tough it out when you feel like it is too much. Stress is not good for you. Throw them headphone on, in my case I use a huge headset on the computer, there made to drowned out other sounds and they work great. My daughter picked up pretty quickly what was happening and she would just give in and go off  doing her own thing too. This is also a good way to handle stress if your a new mother with a newborn. Get an iPod, your still able to hold and take care of your baby without the added stress of the crying.  This was a life saver when Jasmine was colicky.

I take a bath. Taking a bath to me is really relaxing. We have rules though when mommy is in the bath no one can come in. I know you know what I mean when your a mom you can do NOTHING alone. So I had to make a house rule when I say "Anyone gotta pee?, I'm about to take a bath." I'm not to be bothered until I'm finished. And it is totally OK to make house rules like this, its not in anyway selfish. Bathing is supposed to be private, we have just been thinking its easier to let them in rather then yelling through the door. You might need a little help for your significant other on upholding the rules while your in there. If you don't have a partner, call your mom, a friend, whoever and say something like "umm totally stinky here, could you watch the kids for me while I take a bath?"   

Make a gated playroom.  My sons Early-on OT told me about this and its been a huge stress relief for me. I know atypically children are tornado's too, destroying everything in their tiny paths. But with Dylan it was super stressful I couldn't teach him to pick up toys because when I gave him direction to do so he totally ignored me. How am I to tell my child to pick up after himself if he doesn't understand basic direction yet? You try still never give up on that, one day its going to click, but until then keep playing in a confined area. It will also teach your child that there is an appropriate place for everything. For children learning without the use of language showing them how is that best way. Making a playroom will help with stress because you already have laundry dishes vacuuming and other things to do who wants to pick up all the toys especially if there all through the house everywhere. While they are in there playing you can take a break or get some housework done with out them following you around.

Use Respite Services. If you don't know what respite services are they are either in home or outside of the home temporary care for you child/family member you are caring for. Its basically someone steps in to do what you would normally be doing for your special needs child and allowing you to rest. The rest might not be sleeping, it might be grocery shopping with out your child or just going to get your hair done whatever. For a few hours they will provide care for that person while you do "You time" Now if your like me and don't trust people easily this might be a little difficult for you. I have trouble believing people when they say they will do it like I do it I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to my children lol, its my anxieties emerging.   You can have a family member do this for you. I choose my mom and sister, because I knew they knew how I would want things done.

I know I geared this all towards Mommy's but same goes for you Dad don't let the stress get to you take a break its OK. There are tons more ways these are just a few and I hope you found them useful, I do everyday :)

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