Sunday, November 2, 2014

What a Weekend We Had!


Yesterday was hectic to say the least but we made it through quite well. We started Out day off early and were in the car most of the day with both of the toddlers, Dylan and Sofia. Jasmine has spent the night with my mom Halloween night and was there until about 2 pm.

We started of only thinking we were going to get the oil changed on the van. Fast eddies is know for its quickness and you are able to stay inside the car so we thought that would be our best bet. I couldn't imagine taken my kids in a waiting room as another service station and just waiting in there for however long with nothing to do. They surely would have been climbing there walls and probably destroying what little they could get their hands on. My van has been acting up lately, slipping in the transmission  so i needed someone to tell me what to do being I am totally car clueless. We get there and I think I only want a oil change and then I ask how much it is to check out the transmission too. They tell me the price and so I let them know to go ahead with changing the filter and everything that goes with that.

While there doing there thing me and my husband are discussing why I will not pick option #3 which is the best value there, getting everything inspected and a car wash. I picked #2 which doesn't come with a car wash and I did it for a reason. Cash washes bring out the worst anxiety inside me ever. I haven't really pin pointed why they do, just thought of having to go inside one makes me want to throw up. I get sweaty and pale. I never want to go in one ever. I really don't even like the car washes that you have to do yourself. But my anxiety is really heightened by the auto washes. With option #3 it is the best wash and so I know if I picked to have that we would be inside there forever. And so I chose not to go with the best value.

Before the guys started working on the car, they gave was a time frame and ask if we were busy if we needed to get out of there super quickly. We actually didn't have any other plans besides getting the oil changed but I knew if we were just sitting still in the car for too long both my kids would start to get antsy. They went over there time frame but I would say at least 20 minutes, but the kids weren't as antsy as I thought they would be. When the guys finished I found out I had chucks of metal in the transmission pan and a leak in a line, They put some Lucas no slip into my transmission for free. Just what I need right? we only have one car and that is my van, that now seems to be breaking. Chucks in the pan? That cant be good! They told me it was drive-able and the Lucas no slip would help until I could get the line fixed.

I decided since I got bad news on my car and the kids were being so good we might do a little shopping therapy. The kids needed winter coats and hats and gloves seeings how we got our first snow here in Michigan on Halloween right at the time all the kids got out of school and were wanting to go trick or treating. Michigan weather I tell ya! We ended up going to Walmart and buying just the coats, hats and gloves for all three kids. All kids were great in the store by Dylan kind of started tiring of it at the end, so I wasn't going to make him go threw stopping the cart at check out, Joey took him to the car while I did check out :)


There is always a day on the weekend I plan to go visit my dad. This weekend I planned for Sunday because we were just there for Halloween I figured it was best. My dad recently, like a month ago, suffered a heart attack, I don't like to push him too far being it does raise his blood pressure when I take all 3 kids there at once. I wasn't even sure about taking them that close in time frame to Friday, but my dad looks forward to it and so do we :) 

Before we left Jasmine made a comment that she had a headache. I gave her Tylenol and told her it would start working soon. Shes kind of impatient with medicine, thinking it will work as soon as you swallow it. I ensure her it would be working by the time we were half way there. So we get in the van Jasmine went out there a little earlier then us maybe by 2 minutes. When we got out there she was crying by she said she was cold, I felt her head she didn't feel hot, I thought maybe she was just over playing it because it just snowed and she hates the cold. So we take off and on the way to my dads she turns pale white like shes about to throw up. I ask her if she felt like she needed to but she said no. We keep driving to my dad.

When we got there and everyone was inside she got on his couch and curled up into and is visibly shaking. I ask her again if she felt like she was going to throw up but she tells me no that shes just got a headache, but now her neck, and back hurt too. For her even to be sick with these symptom is not normal. A headache yes she gets them more then a normal child I would say but she never complains of all this when shes actually sick with a virus. I tell my dad I'm sorry but I need to take her to the urgent care, which he completely understands and then we packed back up and were on our way back toward home. 

Jasmine had on a winter jacket, hat and gloves, but she was still shaking saying she was cold and it hurt. The thing is though to the touch she wasn't hot. A little sweaty but not where near hot. We drive up on the urgent care but its closed, so I had a crossed town to go to the ER. Mind you we still have all the kids with us. I tell Joe wait in the car with the toddlers, by the look on his face I knew I needed to call my mother lol. When you go to the ER I'm guessing anywhere it takes forever, especially if you aren't an emergency which I knew Jasmine would not have been once we get inside. 

We get inside I call my mom to come up there She only lives about 5 blocks away so she got there pretty quickly. OK so now the little ones are covered lets find out whats wrong with my biggest baby. :)  We get called back from the waiting room after being there about 1 hour which I thought was quick considering I figured we were going to be there all night. They take Jasmine temp its 102 degrees, wow yeah and she still didn't feel hot to the touch but before they took her temp they checked her heart rate 145 yeah pretty high and the nurse knew her temp would be high even before taking it. They give her Motrin because I had already gave her Tylenol  about 2 and half hours before it was too soon for another dose, Then we wait in the minor sicknesses area for about an hour for the doctor to come. She looked and felt so awful.

He comes in and checks Jasmine for everything and finds nothing. Even checked her for UTI which come back clean. The whole process took about another 2 hours. Then we could go home. Just a virus. But said she should stay out of school till there is no fever. We are home now and she is sleeping and I'm checking her temp every 1-2 hours. 

Busy weekend to say the least. Only time I had was right now to mutter out a post.
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