Friday, December 5, 2014

Daily School Report 12/5/14

Today was a great day, and the reason is disgusting but you'll be happy to hear it I'm sure.  Dylan's didn't throw up at all and his poo turn from liquid to paste. Which is great! It means hes getting better! I do have to say though even more disgusting is the smell of soy formula, and the smell of Dylan's poo when he drinks soy formula is OMGoodness just rotten!

Another good thing today, I let Dylan's ABA session happen. Dylan was totally happy about it too. Although when I first woke him up I was kinda of worried about it, because he was whining really bad. I'm sure that his appetite is coming back. He drank about 6 Soy formula bottles today. I wanted to also send him to school but I did think he was quite ready to leave home yet. With that said I'm positive he will be back in school by Monday. I just need to email his teacher to be sure I can send powder formula to school. I'm sure they will allow it, Dylan's nutritionist thinks its a good idea for Dylan to say on Soy until he say been better for at least a week. I really wish I would have know last time that Dylan was sick like this that switching to soy from milk based formula would have sped up the process of getting better. Last time he had a stomach bug I believe was same time last year and he was out of commission for 2 weeks. He started the soy yesterday and is already getting better today that is just amazing!

I was waiting all day to hear from Jasmines school about the whole bus thing that happened yesterday. They never called. When Jasmine come home I asked her what happened and she said her principle talked her about the safety issues that come with throwing a rock on the bus. Then she had a talk with her school counselor. I think they were easy on her this time, I didn't get any papers saying she would be kicked off the bus or out of school. I made sure to let jasmine know that if these thing didn't happen she was getting off easy and the next time something like this was to happen I'm sure they wont be so easy on her. She told me she would never do it again. I believe her because going to the office was scary for her.

Oh what fun it is to burn your eye brow with hair removal cream right? I did that just before starting this post I am definitely not a pro by far with any thing to remove facial hair other then tweezers. my brows were so out of control they needed it though. I think really I did an ok job I'll just have to look for a sensitive formula of it next time.

Tiny burn in the first pic, Second one shows that I'm not so hairy anymore, so I would call this a total success. Because in fact, I still have eyebrows. Things could of went way worse! #first-time #hair-removal #cream #user

Also the morning "pee on a stick" test I talked about yesterday, negative again today. I just glow like that normally Doc! Just playing lol :)

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