Thursday, December 4, 2014

Daily School Report 12/4/14

Its Thursday and so I was pretty much out of the house the entire day. Thursday is the one day of the week my mom is able to do respite hours for me usually. So on this day once a week I stuff as much of my need to do things into it as possible. Everything from Doctors appointments to grocery shopping all gets done on this day. Today was a day to see the doctor for Dylan and search everywhere for a soy formula the nutritionist recommended Dylan use until he is in full health again.

My mom showed up at 10 am and I was still sleeping, she woke me up to tell me to get ready. It never fails when my mom does this, that I feel like a teenager in high school again. I have an auto response to anyone trying to wake me up "15 more minutes" then I'm out again. I most definitely am not a early morning person nor a late morning person at all. We had to be at the doctor by 11 and by 10:10 i could hear my mom tickling Dylan on the baby monitor waking him up so I figured It was probably best if I just zombied my way out of bed too.

When we got to the Doctor office Dylan was OK at first, but then they starting weighing and checking temps. Dylan does not like to be touched or held unless he wants it. This time he didn't want it at all and so he started in on a full melt down for the entire 45 minute visit, Some happened today that has never happened to me before. When the doctor came in he looks at me and ask was I feeling OK, and I said yes I'm fine, but noted that I maybe catching whatever it is that Dylan has because things just aren't tasting right. Now I don't know if he said this just because he is used to seeing me pregnant, or because he really thought I was but he comments that I had the look of pregnancy and asked if I was. Which I said I don't believe so and so he just shrugged it off. We moved on to the concerns of Dylan and his main concern was Dylan lost 1 1/2 pounds since his last visit which was less then a month ago. I told him That I was pretty sure Dylan had actually lost that in that last 3 days. He hadn't had a temp the entire time but he hasn't been eating or drinking much, although today once I got the soy toddler formula he had picked up some. He gave Dylan some more anti-vomit meds and told me Dylan needs to rest his stomach if he throws up at least 4 hours nothing by mouth. Anyone who knows Dylan knows that's pretty much impossible even if he is sick.

The good news is Dylan has not thrown up yet today he still is having the diarrhea but both nutritionist and family doctor believe it will stop with switching to soy while he is sick and for a week after to be sure. The doctor was telling me how milk when your sick like this isn't good and can actually cause the diarrhea.

When we left there I couldn't get out of my head the doctors comment that "I had the look of pregnancy" SO I dropped Dylan off with my mom and waited for Joe to come home and then we went on a quest to find the formula they talked about and pick up some "pee sticks" (pregnancy tests). We found them had to search about 4 different store for the formula but we found if and then the pee sticks too then went home.

I get home to my daughter Jasmine talking about shes being kicked off the bus for throwing a rock at some "little boys" head. I was so upset I called the bus garage right way, just to find out what had happened and if the boy was OK. The bus driver said he didn't tell Jasmine she would be kicked off the bus, that both kids were throwing rocks at each other and he was going to turn it into the school principle and she could punish them how shes sees fit but that he would be recommending at least 1 day off the bus as it is a real safety hazard to be throwing rocks at all on the bus and I agreed. He also made a comment to me and its the first I have even heard about Jasmine acting out at school. He said Jasmine and this other boy are the two trouble makers on the bus and while he knows they are little still and kids do things, he thinks enough is enough and they have had too many warnings. To which I also agreed, but I asked him why he never called me before to tell me about Jasmine acting out on the bus and he said he just sees it as normal kid stuff. Jasmine can ride the bus tomorrow but I think tomorrow will be when she is talked to by the principle also and I may get a phone then too. Both kids are apparently fine, no one got hurt, but it is so disappointing to know that Jasmine is acting like that on the bus.

Because of this whole bus situation and the note I got today from her teacher telling me that Lego club has more then one session a year and I could sign Jasmine up for another session later on into the school year, Jasmine will not be attending Lego club this time around. Not until she can prove to me she is ready to take on more after school activities, by doing homework and turning it in on time, also this whole bus thing was enough for me to tell her no way not this time, I know she knows better then to throw rocks.

Now in closing I will tell you what happened with the pregnancy test. It was negative, but I bought 2 of them so I could do the "I gotta know now" one now and do one the way you are actually supposed to do it right when you wake up in the morning. So I will let you guys know how that goes probably first thing in the morning. Its just odd to me that someone look at you and be like, "well you just look pregnant". I'm not over weight at all. I actually think of myself as being too skinny and wish I had a bit more curves. How does one look pregnant?

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