Monday, January 5, 2015

Daily School Report 01/05/15

First day back in the swing of things didn't go so bad! I woke up for Jasmine right when the alarm went off and would you believe it when I say I didn't even press snooze? She was excited to be going to school, so getting her up was easy :) Now for getting up with Dylan it was a little more difficult. I attempted to stay up from the time Jasmine got up which was 6 am till Dylan gets on the bus at 11 am and well that just wasn't happening. I got sleepy again at about 8 am so I set the alarm strategically for 9 am because I knew I would be hitting snooze this time. That I did, from 9 am till 10:10 am snooze after snooze. We still had more then enough time to get ready for the bus at 11.

Dylan was in such a good mood this morning. He got dressed good and everything. I couldn't find his boots though and we just got our first decent snow fall here so I was bummed I needed to send him to school in his "batman" shoes. I didn't not realize how cold it was, until I had already told Dylan we were going outside to wait for the bus. I stepped outside and as soon as I did I wanted to turn back around. Which really made Dylan mad, he wanted to go to school not back in the house! So he had a little fit, not crying but he was trying to break down the door by slapping the window.

I am not sure if I have mentioned before that we have a puppy, Molly, shes about 6 months old and been getting into some serious trouble lately. Chewing on everything because shes teething. Today while the big kids were at school and it was just Sofia, Molly and me. Molly silently, shes like a ninja, chew through and tore open the bag of cat litter! Then I clean it up and walked away from the garbage bag for a minute and she did it again! I went and got a dog crate today to put her in when we are gone. She acts much like a toddler at this point we have to keep our eyes on her at all times.

After watching me clean a mess 2 times, it must have tired Sofia right out because she napped the rest of the day in the bean bag in the living room.

Today at school Dylan of the following according to the daily objectives send him sheet sent by his teacher.

1-No Response/hand over hand
2-Multiple prompts (Gestural, physical,visual, and/or verbal)
3-No more then 2 verbal prompts

  • 2 Imitate action with body or toys.
  • 2 Indicate refusal by pushing away nonprefered objects with an appropriate force.
  • 3 Request objects with a single picture with open hand cue and 1 prompt.
  • 2 Complete fine motor activities.
  • 3 Sit for 5 minutes at group without adult assistance.
  • 2 Work on age appropriate table top activity for 2 minutes.
His daily classroom activities were
  • Play skills
  • Gym Class (he did not want to try the snow shoes)
  • Gross motor
  • Fine Motor
  • Language arts
  • Snack
  • Morning Work
  • Walk
  • Calendar
  • Lunch
Dylan's teacher left comments today was a great day! She also commented Happy New Year! And that she thought it was great about Dylan putting Doritos in his mouth over the vacation. 

This has been Dylan's attitude since he got home from school today. I'm pretty sure he is glad to be back in school.

Today for Jasmine I just want to announce that I got the opportunity to review a full year of Learn Success Program with her. I'm over excited about it actually.  The company is also letting me give the 12 month program to one of my readers. I will probably  do a formal  announcement at a later date but I wanted to let you guys know what it is I'm talking about in the daily school reports for Jasmine. I will probably mention that program daily because there are new things to do in the program daily. 

The learning success program is a simple do-at-home program that will show you how to find the core problems and overcome them. Learning is made up of basic core skills. There are 16 of them in all. Typical learning difficulties are small weaknesses in a combination of two or three of these skills. Helps overcome learning difficulties such as:
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dysgraphia
Only one of those things listed above Jasmine has actually been diagnosed with and that is ADD. But I do know Jasmine seriously struggles with reading and building up basic core skills in the form of games is not going to hurt. And who knows she maybe has one of those other problems and just not diagnosed with it. I'm not trying to wait around to find out exactly why she is having trouble reading I want to help her now and so we have started the program and will be sharing with you guys how she likes it and if it is helping her.

I'll tell you one thing I noticed so far, Jasmine is playing this arrow game everyday for 20 minutes for the last 4-5 days and I can already tell she can focus better after shes done the game. I sent a copy with her to school and told her teacher that it helps her focus. Now Jasmine said her teacher saw the game but didn't say anything about it. I really hope her teacher allows her to do it when she thinks she needs a bit more focus. 

Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow to look for the next Daily school report.

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