Thursday, January 15, 2015

Daily School Report 01/15/15

I wasn't home at all much today,  I woke up and felt sick to my stomach, but I had a lot of things to get done and so I wasn't going to let that stop me. I'm not sure if I am getting sick or not but when your mom tells you that you look horrible, then you probably are.

I got Jasmine up and asked if she could do it all by herself, and she told me she could so I just laid in bed. Its been so cold in the mornings when I wake up, I reach for this gift I got for Christmas from my aunt. She made it homemade. Its like a rice sack you can either freeze to make cold or microwave to heat it up. So I heat it up in the microwave then put it under my blanket and its like a little space heater just for me. No one else seems to think its as cold as I think it is, but that's normal. I'm always cold, it could be 50 degrees out and I would still say its cold.

Dylan didn't have school, but he did have ABA therapy. Which did go better today while I was here. When I got back my mom didn't say anything about Dylan throwing a fit because there was no school. But because Dylan had no pants on, I think his BSA skipped over the whole dressing routine. It was probably best because as soon as that boy has pants on he thinks hes going somewhere. Dylan at home likes to wear no pants almost always, he likes the shirt but takes off his pants.

I had to leave again to pick Jasmine up from school. She had an appointment today with her neurologist.  He upped some o f her meds and gave her a sleeping pill. At night Jasmine acts extra antsy and nervous. She will come to my room about 10 times before she actually passes out, telling me "mama I cant sleep" but when you ask her way she doesn't know. It can be as late as 2 am sometimes before she goes to sleep. Then she will have to be back up at 6 am to get ready for school.

We got the results of her blood work, which everything showed normal. They were looking to see if anything chemically could be causing her seizures at night. But they didn't find anything out of the norm. Right now Jasmine is at cheer with my mom. Then she has homework to do when she gets home so hopefully she isn't too tired.

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