Monday, January 26, 2015

Daily School Report 01/26/15

We have a busy house since Jasmine broke her foot. She isn't able to crutch her way to or from the bus stop nor do I want her too. So starting today, until her foot is healed completely we are driving her to and from school. By "We" I mean Dylan, Sofia and me. Getting 2 toddlers and myself ready to go outdoors in the freezing cold has proven to be a task at 7 am. I'm sure we will get used to it though.

We dropped her off and walked her in, then come back home. Dylan was able to go back to sleep. Sofia on the other hand was wide awake until it was time for her brother to go to school. Then she went for a nap. I woke Dylan about 20 minutes before his bus was to come. I tried to get him to eat but he wouldn't, he just took a sip and then threw it. By the time the bus got here I had only gotten him to take about 5 sips. I just figured he wasn't that hungry today.

I called Jasmines family Doctor about her foot, he wanted to see her today and so I needed to go get her from school early. When we got there though, he just told us to go see a bone specialist, that the break was too serious for him to cast in the office. I guess the break that Jasmine has is a hard break to heal. It can take 2-3 months and if it doesn't heal properly it can easily be broken again.  He said make sure she puts no pressure on it at all. Asking a 9 year old to do that though? I try and remind her all the time but I still catch her sitting on her feet. She has a super high tolerance for pain and it doesn't bother her all that much to do that. If it were more painful I think she would notice herself doing it more. So at this point I'm asking that she stay home in the living room where she can have eyes on her at all times. She doesn't really like that, but her foot will heal fast that way. I'm might be  a little over protective, but I have never had to deal with broken bones before, this is a first for me.

Today at school Dylan of the following according to the daily objectives send home sheet sent by his teacher.

1-No Response/hand over hand
2-Multiple prompts (Gestural, physical,visual, and/or verbal)
3-No more then 2 verbal prompts

  • 2 Imitate action with body or toys.
  • 1 Imitate speech sounds and environmental noises
  • 1 Indicate refusal by pushing away non-preferred objects with an appropriate force.
  • 2 Request object with a single picture with open hand cue and 1 prompt
  • 2 Complete fine motor activities
  • 2 Sit for 5 minutes at group with out adult assistance
  • 2 Work on age appropriate table activity for 2 minutes

His daily classroom activities were
  • Play skills 
  • Gym class
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Language arts
  • Snack 
  • Morning work
  • Walk 
  • Sensory Activity 
  • Calendar
  • Lunch
Dylan Teacher left comments that today was an OK day.  Dylan cried on the bus for 30 minutes and continued crying for 15 minutes after he arrived. He was wet and hungry. He calmed down once he was changed and he drank the pedisure. We offer Dylan a blended lunch everyday but no luck lately getting him to try the food. He cried off and on this afternoon. He went and got the bottle off the counter at 2, so we gave him some koolaide. He drank that and then the 2nd pedisure at 2:30. He seemed hungry today.

Dylan has a doctors appointment on Wednesday after school, I'm going to discuss the scratching with his family doctor.  I did buy the blood work tape to use with the socks, I haven't got to use it yet bc he hasn't been scratching. I think Dylan has become very routine orientated the slightest things that change at home just set him off. Like today I woke him up a little late so he wouldn't eat for me. I hope things start getting better, he seems upset a lot at school and home in the mornings. When he come home though he seems fine until night time. Like he don't want to go to bed.

Well Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for another daily school report

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