Monday, January 26, 2015

PureNaturalFit - Green Tea Complex Review

Green Tea for General Health

ANTIOXIDANTS: Green Tea has high concentrations of polyphenols and catcheins which have been studied to:
- Promote neurogenesis
- Increase cardiovascular health
-Boost immunity under stress
- Improve sleep quality

Green Tea for Weight Loss In addition to the health benefits, the most potent of the polyphenols, EGCG, has been shown in clinical trials to promote weight loss.
Benefits of EGCG
- Promoting Diet-Induced Thermogenesis
- Supporting Fat Oxidation
- Promoting Greater Energy Expenditure Than Caffeine

Green Tea Complex by purenaturalFit provides you with 500mg of Green Tea Leaf extract, equivalent 5 cups of tea. Each serving contains 15mg of caffeine (equivalent to 1/6 cup of coffee)


My husband, Joe has been taken this Green Tea Complex for about the last week or so.

Joe's first comments after his first time taking the Green Tea Complex were, "Wow, you can really feel your body heating up!" The kind of heat you feel when your working out, but your standing still. When you do start moving around you feel it work even better.  Joe could feel energy from these as well, and would recommend not drinking any caffeine beverages with these. His first day on them he did his morning routine at work, which is the break room coffee and news. Then come home talking about how he felt too hyper, so just be careful with that. The energy you get alone from taken these does not make you feel jittery, but if you end up drinking a soda or coffee your going to notice it full swing.

He also thought that taken Green Tea complex is convenient. Rather then trying to drink green tea all day long its all wrapped up inside this little veggie capsule. Just take one or two a day depending on your need weight loss wise. These are said to only contain about 1/6 cup of the caffeine in one cup of coffee. Which is very little, but it still gives you loads of energy. Generally making you feel better.

Joe has lost a total of 2 pounds taking this for just this past weeks. He would recommend it to people who are trying to loose a little weight or maintain weight.

IF you want to try out PureNaturalFit - Green Tea Complex for yourself 

I hope you found Joe's review to be helpful :)

Big thanks to PureNaturalFit for allowing Joe to try this product free of charge for this review.

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