Friday, January 2, 2015

Week 2 Quitting Smoking with ECigs

I been trying to quit smoking for 2 weeks now, its a horrible habit and I hope to overcome it soon. I'm using ecigs to shy away from traditional cigarettes. 

Some people would think this is an over share but ya'll know me. I don't believe in over sharing and I like it keep it real.

I have when from a half pack to between 5-10 a day depending on my stress level that day, and also how much I'm driving. I seemed to have pared driving with smoking and smoke ALOT in the car.

I also got my dad to say he would also try ecigs which is awesome because he has a ton of health issues going on right now and is totally hard headed about quitting

I plan to update every once in a while on my progress, and if I find things that I think are cool that are helping me.

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