Saturday, February 21, 2015

Coosh CBS001B Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review

The Coosh CBS001B Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

The Coosh CBS001B Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is super sleek in looks. Completely black with a silver trim. The top of the scale is made of 8mm tempered glass and is super strudy. It looks very nice on our hardwood floors. I think it would look nice just about anywhere.

It is an extra wide scale, 39cm Platform and, therefore, would be easier for most people to step on. They do give a warning because it is glass to be careful if it is wet, or if you are wet. You might slip if it is wet.

The digital reading of your weight is very accurate. With .02lb precision, you will be able to keep track of even the slightest loss or gain. My husband and I love this, he is constantly keeping track of his weight as he is trying to lose some weight right now. With it being that precise, he can tell when he is nearing the next pound lost. It has up to 440lb Capacity!
The 4.5" LCD Display is Ideal for Visually Impaired Users. Also, who doesn't like a large screen? This is really great for anyone who doesn't want to strain their eyes trying to see what the display reads.

Straight out of the package it did come with its own battery already. We just needed to pull the tab out of the battery to make it turn on. It was very easy to use, you just set it down and use the switch on the top side to adjust whether you want it to way you in kilograms or pounds. That’s it and you’re ready to go. With the auto start, you can just step on it and that's it!

I would definitely recommend this scale to anyone who is looking to upgrade. Like I said before this design is super sleek and would look good just about anywhere. Along with how functional it is, that makes it an A+ scale to us.

I hope you found this review to be helpful, I did receive this scale free of charge, but that does not change my opinion and honest review of it.

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