Monday, February 9, 2015

Daily School Report 02/09/15


Today was a pretty easy and chill day. Jasmine got up good, she even wore an outfit I picked. I know I'm not the only one with a little girl who refuses to wear anything other than leggings and jeggings. I do buy her other types of clothing once in awhile in an attempt to try to get her to open her eyes to new possibilities in fashion. I most of the time lose the fashion war. It's never really a war, she just loves leggings. Being that, it is colder that all get out in the mornings here, my choice of clothing for her would not be leggings at all, but rather some thick jeans. That's what she wore today, she let me pick. :)

As always, there is no ABA on Monday. So I let Dylan sleep until about 10 am and then woke him. He had enough time to wake up fully and drink a full Pediasure. He was a little unhappy about me dressing him. I put a sweat outfit on him today, he does find it comfortable in them, he doesn't like to put them on because I layer other clothes underneath and it takes too long for him I think.

 He seemed super happy and wanted to go outside to wait for the bus early. About 5 minutes into our venture to the end of the driveway, he wanted to turn back. It's so cold out lately and the wind just makes it worse.  We went back inside and waited by the back door until we saw the bus pull up.

Then me and Sofia ate our Coco Pebbles and she took a nap. I did my nails, in what my husband likes to call one of my dino greens. When he come home he said, "hey, turtle", so I know he loved them a lot. LOL

Today at school Dylan of the following according to the daily objectives send home sheet sent by his teacher.

1-No Response/hand over hand
2-Multiple prompts (Gestural, physical,visual, and/or verbal)
3-No more then 2 verbal prompts

  • 1 Imitate action with body or toys.
  • 1 Indicate refusal by pushing away non-preferred objects with an appropriate force.
  • 3 Request object with a single picture with an open hand cue and 1 prompt
  • 2 Complete fine motor activities
  • 4 Sit for 5 minutes at group without adult assistance

His daily classroom activities were
  • Play skills 
  • Gym Class
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Language Arts
  • Snack 
  • Morning work
  • Walk 
  • Sensory Activity - Finger paints (first ever experience with them) he liked it and smiled the whole time :)
  • Calendar
  • Lunch
Dylans teacher left comments that today was a great day. Dylan was the happiest that we have ever seen him. He tried some applesauce at lunch by dipping his hands into it and putting it in his mouth. He did this 5 times. At snack, he licked a gram cracker. During our walk, he didn't want to hold hands but he did an awesome job walking and staying with the class. He has a huge smile the whole walk.

I'm really glad Dylan finally had a good day at school, I was really starting to worry about that. 

Well, thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for another daily school report.

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