Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cleopatra’s Choice - Raw Shea Butter - in Ivory - Review

When I received Cleopatra’s Choice Raw Shea Butter in ivory color it was in a nice resealable container. The label has some really useful information on it.

This was going to be my first attempt at making anything homemade of this type. Because Dylan and I have skin reactions to most things, such as lotions and body washes Etc. I needed to do a bit of research on components needed to make these things at home. To be completely honest, it is extremely expensive to start making your own soap and lotion. Once you have most of the essential oils you need to make the things that you use every day, the oils will last a really long time. The oils needed for the recipe that I found in Cleopatra choice's free downloadable recipe book eczema relief butter were coconut oil, lavender essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, vitamin E oil. I didn’t have any of these, but I was on a mission to make my son some eczema relief butter that I knew exactly what was inside of it. Dylan suffers from eczema so badly, but he also does a lot of self-stimulation which includes a lot of oral stims. I’m always extremely worried about what I put on his eczema because it is on his face, arms, hands and back.  He scratches these areas a lot, after he’s done he will do his self-stimulation and will sometimes put his hands in or around his mouth. While even this recipe that I was making is not edible, it still puts me at ease that I know all the ingredients inside of it for sure.

I downloaded this recipe off the Cleopatra's Choice facebook page, HERE. I do recommend liking their facebook page and receiving their notifications as they send out deals and promo codes on there a lot.

Add Cleopatra’s choice raw Shea butter
Add Coconut Oil 
 Mix with the hand mixer 
Mix in essential oils
 Transfer to a lidded container
Set in fridge to Cool

Cleopatra’s choice raw Shea butter is made with only the best Grade A Shea butter. Which means it has all the best that any Shea Butter can offer. The best for healing and moisturizing. Dylan and I have been using Cleopatra’s choice homemade recipe Eczema relief butter made with Cleopatra’s choice raw Shea butter in the color ivory for the last few days. Let me tell you something, this is one of the best moisturizers I have used on Dylans eczema yet! He has already been itching a lot less. Anyone who knows Dylan knows he has almost zero self-control when it comes to his scratching and he does it a lot. I have not heard once from his school that he has been scratching, nor do I see him doing it a lot at home. I truly believe offers a great grade A product. I would recommend it anyone planning to make their own recipes with a great Grade A Shea Butter. Try this product first!

Looking for some tips on  keeping your skin and hair healthy? Follow Cleopatra’s Choice on Youtube and Pinterest, They have some great information on there. 

I hope you all found this review to be helpful and have fun making your own products at home :)

I would really love to thank Cleopatra's Choice for allowing me to try their product free of charge for this honest review. 

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