Saturday, February 14, 2015

Daily School Report 2/12/15-2/13/15 - Valentines Day Parties

Firstly I woul like to tell you all how sorry I am that I missed 2 days in a row of the daily school report. I had mentioned before that Thursday I would be going to the doctors for my own anxieties and on Thursday was given some medication that while I'm adjusting to it makes me really tired.  Friday after taking my first dose of insomnia meds, I was groggy for the better part of the day

These 2 days were really good for the kids though. Dylan ate applesauce every day in school this past week. Had a great day every single day. I don't think for this posts I'm going to go into great detail of both days for him like I usually do. Friday he did have his first Valentines day party at school :) I made up zip lock bags full of stuff because there are only 4 kids total in his class. Sent 2 boxes of chocolates for his teachers. His teachers are the best a deserve a lot more than that, but it is a great gesture :) They were super appreciative of it as well. Dylan brought home lots of things. His teacher even said he was licking on a heart red sucker and loved it. I did give him dum dum suckers from time to time. He usually just throws them. Although once we gave him an oversized lollipop and the licked the thing all day, he was a complete mess but it was extremely cute :)

Jasmine made me these  really cool hearts at her school party. The framed picture one is a magnet and the other one is a heart ornament.

Overall the last few days have been good.  Jasmine turned in her homework all week and has been bringing home papers with awesome grades on them. I'm actually going to be reviewing an app I found that is great and allows me to reward Jasmine with one of the things she loves best her tablet. I'll tell you more about that in the review. It's been working for us, and I hope it will work for you too.

Well, thanks for stopping by and please bare with me as I adjust to my anxiety medications, post might seem a little sporadic or maybe even fewer than normal as I do. Just know I'm still wanting to do them :) And that they will be posted as soon as I'm able.

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