Thursday, February 19, 2015

Discover With Dr Cool - Real Bug Dig Kit - Review

Jasmine has tried one of the Discover with Dr. Cool kits before, but not this one. The Real Bug Dig Kit was brand new to her, so of course she was super excited to try it.

Discover with Doctor Cool kits are always packaged really nice. With a book style packaging, so that kids and their parents are able to see what is inside the kit before they buy. There is also a Velcro tab to keep it shut. I have suggested to Jasmine with these kits she could put the entire box on her wall with the tools, leftover digging block and 3 real specimens inside. To use the box as a sort of a display case. She loves collecting the specimens she finds in the Discover with Dr Cool kits but she would much rather keep all her specimens in one place so that she is able to look at them whenever she feels like it. So she keeps hers in her "treasure chest" of awesome things. It was a good idea and if any of you are able to talk your little scientists into it, they would look great on a wall.

So, what comes in this kit is:

  • Digging Block
  • Adventure Guide
  • Activity Booklet
  • A flyer with some of the other kits offered.
  • Excavation Tools
  • 3 Real Specimens
  • Jungle type backdrop thing

The packaging and the booklets inside the box are made of really durable glossy material. Your child will be able to keep these booklets just as they would any other paperback style book.

The adventure guide contains a lot of useful information. It is very educational, filled with real facts about bugs, in general. Then towards the end of the 12-page booklet they go into much more depth about the specimens the children have found in their dig. It is filled with vibrant and colorful pictures of real bugs! Up close pictures for your child to study the bugs.

The activity book is filled with fun brainy games. Keeping the bug theme, they have made games like mazes and word searches that add to the fun of the dig. This book it's also made of the same material as the adventure booklet and so is also very durable. 

Then there is the flyer with some of the other kits they make at Discover with Dr. Cool. Just some of them though, they make a ton of them you can find many more when you go to their website

Inside the box was a sort of backdrop, very beautiful, but there was no instruction that I could find as to what part this played in the kit. I told the kids when they were digging that it was probably meant as a sort of thing they could play with their specimens in their environment after the dig.  I'm still not entirely sure what it was actually meant for, but the kids did have fun using it for that purpose.

Jasmine had 2 friends over our house last weekend so I allowed her to do the kit with them to see how it would work as a team effort. They did very well together. There are 3 specimens and so each child got to dig out their own. The other kids didn't mind just watching, dusting off the dust so the others could see better or using the magnifying glass to examine the specimens already found. They had a lot of fun doing it together.

The kids eventually got all the specimens out and were studying them with the magnifying glass and the adventure booklet. They had a really good time all the while learning at the same time. Therefore, I would definitely recommend this product and any of the Discover with Dr. Cool products my daughter has tried to all parents and teachers with little scientist eager to learn. This would definitely be a great homeschooling product. As well as for use in an actual classroom.

I hope you found this review to be helpful. I would like to thank Discover with Dr. Cool for allowing Jasmine to try this kit free of charge for our honest review of the product. 

If you want more information about this product or any product Discover with Dr. Cool has you can visit


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