Thursday, February 19, 2015

Daily School Report 2/18-2/19 *Quick Update*

Been super busy these last few days. Still making over the kitchen and living room a tad. I'm trying to turn it into more of a "home". Not that it wasn't before, but before it was sort of a look like "we only bought this house 2 years ago", That is true, and we are finally able to put our mark on it this year.

Jasmine went to her bone Dr. today. Her foot isn't healed yet and she got a new cast. She was really upset about that, She thought it would be healed and that she be able to go to her Daddy/Daughter dance without it. She is still going, but I'm afraid there will be no dancing for her still.  Instead of getting her cast off though she did get a nice pair of Olaf earrings when she got her ears pierced today. The lady at the Jewelry counter was kind of rude to me. I mean, I knew having a baby at 17 might have this effect someday, but I really didn't think this soon. "You're her mother?" Yes, I answer. You don't look old enough to be her mother, can I see your ID. I just showed it to her and she looked at me surprised. I mean, I know I was young but not that young, and acting like that is just plain rude.

The kids had a snow day today due to the temps being too low.  I'm expecting the same for tomorrow, but we have to wait and see. They called my house at like 4 am, an auto message that school had been canceled. The temps here in Michigan have been below freezing for about a week. We are ready for Spring!

They did have school yesterday, but I was too tired to write out the report by the time I got their notes from school. They both had really good days yesterday.  Dylans teacher said that Dylan did great up until the last 20 minutes of school than he was just screaming at the top of his lungs. He had eaten some baby food and drank his Pediasure before this happened, didn't need to be changed or anything. He just wanted some kool aide. People and the doctor told me that Dylan maybe would be more hungry from the meds he got put on. This is not bad in Dylans case because he is extremely skinny as it is. he looks skinny but has muscles from all his jumping around he does that he is not underweight. I would put all my money on the fact that my boy might not have 1oz of fat on his body. The bad thing about him getting more hungry is if he has too much Pediasure he does get constipated, and he's not eating as well at home as he does at school. In fact, I am lucky if at home I even get him to lick anything anymore.  I started feeding him all his Pediasures in the kitchen chair with food in front of him, when I am home. I just have to keep at it and I know with practice at school and home he will be able to gain this skill.

Well, Thanks for stopping by :) We shall see if they have school tomorrow, check back tomorrow for more updates.

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