Monday, March 9, 2015

Daily School Report 3/9/15

So yesterday we did our normal routine of going to church and then my dads afterwards. This time though I thought it was a good idea to go to Lil' Ceasars and get some of those new bacon wrapped pizzas. It was good, but Jasmine ate far too much and so she had to stay home from school today because she didn't feel well.

Dylan had ABA today which isn't normal, but he also wouldn't wake up for it. He was completely exhausted and was falling asleep sitting up.  We decided after about 45 minutes of this to call it off and try again tomorrow. This time change alone is going to make ABA harder for Dylan, he will need some time to adjust.

I woke him about 30 minutes before his bus come and he still looked exhausted. When I took him out to the bus the bus driver said, " That's ok Dylan, you can just take a nap on the ride in" I knew he would too.

Surprisingly though considering all of that, he had a great day at school. His teacher left a note that said, Dylan licked a couple of french fries and a vanilla wafer. He ate bananas (baby food) and apples. He was in a happy mood today.

With all this talk about him eating still at school, I'll give a little picture update of him at home eating now.

Sometimes he looks like this while eating, which is good:) He does seem to smile more in the school pictures, but we are working on it :)
Other times he looks like this, so he is still fighting doing it at home. When he starts this we just let him be, sitting there watching everyone else eat and he giggles at us.

Overall though, this is complete progress at home. He used to not even touch the food put in front of him and cry. Now he is able to sit with us at dinner and sometimes taste the baby food. If you noticed in the pictures there are 2 bowls. One has baby food that Dylan prefers and the other has what we are eating. You just never know when he will find some table food he loves and will dig right in. I stay hopeful for that, so it is always offered to him.

Well, Thanks for stopping by for today's daily school report, stop back tomorrow for more updates.

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