Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NorthCoast Products - 100% pure Organic Argan Oil Review

I feel like if you know nothing about using organic oils Argan Oil should be first on your list to learn about. Argan Oil, sometimes people refer to it as Moroccan Oil as its derived from Morocco is incredibly good for your skin, hair and nails. It actually can be used as an all over moisturizer.

Argan oil comes from Moroccan Argan tree fruit. Inside the fruit, there are nuts and inside those nuts are kernels, the kernels are where the oils come from. They mash up the nuts and this amazing natural oil we can use as a moisturizer comes out. Depending on the grade you are using, sometimes there are particles still in the oils. NorthCoast Products offers a 100% pure organic Argan oil. I didn't notice any particles in the oil, which probably means it was filtered for them, but this isn't a bad thing. When Argan oil is filtered for particles/sediments it is a natural part of the process and does not affect the quality at all.

What matters most with Argan oil is that it is 100% pure with no filler oils included. NorthCoast Products have claims on the bottle that it is 100% pure organic Argan oil, Fragrance-free, No preservatives, and not tested on animals. The color and clarity of the oil is amazing. I can tell that the nuts were not roasted before extracting the oils because it doesn't have a strong nutty smell to it. Men and women can use this oil for many purposes.

I use it on my husbands beard as a conditioner and He also uses it as an after shave moisturizer. He has issues with his facial hair that cause him to get ingrown hairs, this helped with that as well as with acne. I use this oil on my eczema patches, hair and nails. You will be amazed at how fast this absorbs into your hair. I was so worried when I first wanted to try Argan oils from my dry and frizzy hair that broke easily. I thought it would look greasy and be weighed down, with hair like mine which is to the middle of my back it can be a nightmare and I just didn't want to deal with it. Until I tried it and was amazed at how little of an amount you need to use of the oil to get results. It absorbs so quickly and leaves your hair soft and shiny. My hair breaks less since I started using it.

I found the NorthCoast Products offers an amazing quality of 100% pure organic Argan oil. I would recommend it to anyone looking to go natural for a moisturizer, both men, and women. It is just a great product that you will use day in and day out  for more healthy looking hair skin and nails. I did receive this product free for the purpose of reviewing it and giving my honest feedback. I hope you found this review to be helpful.

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