Friday, March 20, 2015

Dylan Is Catching A Cold - Putting My Essential Oils To Use

Dylan is completely miserable or rather that he was completely miserable. He won't drink much because his throat hurts. I was trying to get him to drink Claritin out of one of his bottles, of course he was refusing. Just throwing the bottle time after time. I finally gave up and said " It's time to start putting my essential oils to use."

I've been trying to make a huge lifestyle change going more green, organic, and natural. You can imagine with special needs children change is hard. So I'm doing it slowly. I'm already changing things that they don't pay any attention to like the ways I clean, the scents I put in the air etc.

Today though, I decided I would try the actual diffuser inside of Dylans room to try to get the cold virus out of his room, where he spends more of his time. Also to try to soothe him as he was in a full tantrum because he was in pain and unable to drink.

What did I put into the Diffuser?

I put them into my Now Solutions Ultrasonic Faux Woodgrain Diffuser I just got in my Good Energy Haul. It holds 500ml or 17 fl oz. of water and diffuses up to 8 hours for up to 400sq feet, also shuts off automatically when there is no more water inside of it. It is nice, but as I said in my Haul post I did expect more from it considering the price.

 I like to keep the lights out in Dylans room when he doesn't feel good so he is able to rest, so the first picture I'm showing you that, all the others have flash and it isn't really that bright in there.

This first picture is just him starting to calm with the lights out and the diffuser going.

Now I turn the flash on so you can see his facial expressions, He obviously doesn't feel good in the left photo and then I wait about 10 minutes and come back to see how he is doing and he's all smiles again. Mind you before this he had been crying for about an hour and a half straight.

I decided at this point it would be a good idea to try out the Mia Mariu "I feel Good" oils on him. I applied a few drops to his chest and throat. then applied a few more drops to his back and back of his neck. Then I left him alone another 10 minutes while he was watching Thomas the train. I came back to find this.

I do believe the essential oils helped him loads, he was completely miserable and then did a complete shift within 20 minutes. Just amazing and I thought I would share :)

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