Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Daily School Report 3/24/15 and Turning 27

Today was an alright day so far. It's my birthday, I'm now the big 27 :) I know its not just me that this has happened to but as you age doesn't your birthday become less important to you. It's kinda like blah now for me. Not that I don't enjoy having a birthday, but when asked do I want anything or do I want to go anywhere my response is always no. Today I just wanted to go fishing with Jasmine after she got out of school, but she didn't even really want to go. Its kinda of a chilly day anyways to be sitting by the river.

I did my normal routine of ABA in the morning and then pretty much nothing until my husband got home. Joe is cooking me dinner but besides that there is nothing else on the agenda. 

I received a letter today from a very special person who was part of my childhood and was pretty much there for me when no one else was. Ms. Hautamaki, my art teacher and my mentor. I lost touch with her through all the moves I did before we got this house, it's been about 10 years since I heard from her and it was very nice to get the letter. I will be writing her back really soon and sending a ton of pictures, so she will be able to see what my life has been like since she left. She moved away and retired from teaching while she was still my mentor and wrote that she has felt bad about it this entire time. I want to show her that I still turned out ok. :)

Jasmine is at her friends house right now, playing outside. It is a friend that I really don't like, but I have learned that just because I don't like them, that doesn't mean Jasmine won't hang out with them. I would rather her ask me if she could go than to try and hide it from me altogether and be sneaky. The reasons for me not liking this kid are that they are a complete bully to Jasmine. The kid and Jasmine go back and forth all the time and she will sometimes even come home crying. But with that said she always begs me to hang out with him. Since his yard, is right in my line of sight and I practically watch her out the window to make sure she is ok ( I know overprotective mom thing to do, right?) I'm allowing her to go over now and maybe she will see for herself and learn from her own mistakes. It's not right in my heart to be choosing her friends for her, she is her own person. ITs so hard when kids become more and more independent isn't it?

Sofia has been super whiney lately if she isn't whining she's back talking. Typical 2-year-old stuff. She's becoming a picky eater as well. She pretty much only eats it if it contains tomato sauce.

Dylans day went ok. From his teachers, note he seemed to eat a lot today at school. We got him to take a few bites from a spoon this morning for breakfast. After he drank his Nutren Junior though, all he did before was fuss about it. It's getting better and he's starting to do it more at home. It always has to be on his terms. I'm seriously considering making a picture schedule for eating here. Not for everything just eating, so I can try to make some sort of routine for that.

Well, that's it for today's daily school report, check back tomorrow for more updates.

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