Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ThinkFun - Rush Hour Shift Review

Rush Hour Shift  (Ages 8 to adult, MSRP: $24.99)
Escape before your opponent, that’s the goal! The best-selling sliding block logic game is now for two players. Every move counts in this race to cross traffic. As you draw cards, you’ll need a little luck and a clever strategy to win. Should you use your turn to advance your own Hero Car or block your opponent? The potential moves are endless, and the shifting Traffic Grid adds a whole new dimension to play. Just when you think you’ve cleared a path to the finish, a shift of the grid can change the game!
This game I have to admit is really fun and fast paced. Jasmine and her friends play it often.
Each game takes about 5 minutes, which I think is a good thing especially for children like Jasmine, She will lose interest fairly quickly because she does have ADD. Her speech therapist says that she gets audio fatigued, which means if you have to explain things to her for too long, her brain will shut you off and there's really nothing you can do about it. The rules of this game are pretty simple, it did take her a few times to get used to how the cards are played and how to move the pieces around. After she learned the rules of the game she found it really fun. All her friends really enjoyed it too. It's the first thing they want to do after school, everyone to Jasmines house to play rush hour LOL. I really like it because getting them off electronics is good. This game really works your brain too, I would compare it to like chess or some other game like that but much more fun and faster pace.

It does come with a rule book and shows how to set up the games with pre-made layouts for all the traffic. The girls find it more fun to just set them up however they want. Overall it is a great game for people of all ages 8+, My husband and I play it as well, when we can get the girls off of it :)

Well, I hope you found this review to be helpful, I did receive this product free of charge for the purpose of reviewing it. But that in no way changes my opinion of it and my review is completely honest.

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