Thursday, October 16, 2014

Boost Your Child's Morale

      Having a daughter that has been socially awkward and anxious for as long as I can remember has made me go out of my way to find social interactions where she feels as though she fits in. When you register your child into programs like Young champions cheerleading or martial arts,  girl or boy scouts whatever out of school activity might be in your area, the children are able to find like-minded classmates and build friendships that will last a life time. When children are doing there special activities they don't realize each others flaws, all they care about is that they all have the same interests and enjoy doing them together as a team. Teaching our youth to work together for a cause that will benefit them as a whole is an incredible life lesson. As much as we would like to think we can do it all ourselves, we as human beings need each other. Instilling morals, such as kindness and striving to give each other a helping hand when needed are incredible life lessons our children will take on to adulthood.

My daughter all decked out in her new gear!

      Going to Cheer every week is helping her come out of her shell. Meeting and interacting with new people. In Young Champions it isn't just kids from her school, all the surrounding areas come and gather in one place for the same effort which is doing the best they can as a team.  She is overjoyed when that time of the week is coming, shes a prepper and is ready to go to cheer by Monday!

Showing moms what they learned tonight!

      They learn to be organized, responsible and confident selling the fundraiser candy. Its no easy task to go out even as an adult and ask people for money. When they do they gain more and more confidence and understanding that charity is good and people come together to help out when others are in need. Earning Cheer bucks teaches children, that with responsibilities come rewards. A much needed lesson for now and even into their adult stage of life when they will be going out and getting them jobs. 

     We haven't done a competition yet, this is her first year participating in Young Champions. I'm sure that her take will be win or loose they all gave it their best, in return making them all winners. She is super excited about going to the competition, We need to travel about an hour away and all the Young Champion Cheerleaders from the region will be there. They get special treatment by getting big pretty bow for their hairs and makeup to match. All really good fun, we both are looking forward too. First year as a cheer mom here so I also have a over abundance of excitement.

     It's also great mother/father-daughter/son bonding time. You being there to support them in their interest will peak there morale. There will feel like they are the most awesome person in the world when you smile at them and tell them how good they are getting, how proud you are of them, they will be ecstatic. I encourage you if your having a difficult time with your child to join into one of these activities it will bring you closer together. Just ask them what they like and if they would like to participate in them, If they don't really show an interest ask them if they will try. It can sometimes be a challenge for children to make that first step to getting out of there shell if they are even a little anxious. Encourage them that trying new things is a good thing and that they just might like it, and make a lot of new friends . If it turns out they don't enjoy it, well at least you tried it and encourage that also. Try to get them to try another one they might think is interesting until they find a place they can fit in.

Being a kid now days isn't an easy task, use guidance to show them the right direction, using encouragement every step of the way and you'll see you and your child will be a little more happier.

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