Monday, October 13, 2014

Daily School Report 10/13/14


     Today Dylan didn't have school, so most of the day was spent hanging out with his aunt Jamie. Romping around the house jumping on the crash pad, watching Sid the Science Kid. Dylan's school tends to have a lot of professional development day. I would say about every 10 days there is one of these days. Today I didn't realize it was one of these days, so I wake up to alarm and go downstairs Dylan is already awake. I start explaining to him we're getting ready for school, help him put his clothes on and his shoes then go outside and wait on the porch for the bus. Now Dylan's bus is never late, I keep calling out to my sister what time is it? First time she told me there's about 7 minutes left. Second time I ask she told me its two minutes past the time the bus is supposed to be there. So I grab on Dylan and guiding him back inside I start to fumble through papers on my husband's desk. Joe's desk is a collect all for all Dylan's papers. I find the list of dates for professional development days, and sure enough October 13th is right on there. I'm thinking ok I just prepped Dylan for school, and he's ready to go. He knows the routine getting ready for school, the routine finishes with him getting on the bus. When we don't finish his routine, I'll see him super anxious. He will pace in front of the window just waiting for the bus to come. I clean the bathroom, come out and check on Dylan in the living room he's still pacing in front of the window, so I grabbed his hand and lead him to his room and tell him we get to play in here today. I'm really trying to get him to understand that when he needs to Stimm he has a room for that. I used to let him just jump all over the house couches, he would stand next to tables jumping against them . He pretty much had full reign of the house. Now that he's getting bigger, it's not so cute to see him thrashing my furniture. He needs to know where its ok to do these things. It might take a while but we're working on it.

At suppertime I decided I would serve Dylan blended beef stew. By serve I mean I blended it and then put it in his sippy cup with the feeder hole in it. When he took his first drink he was super surprised , I thought he was just going to end up throwing his cup. He didn't! He giggled and played around with his hands in his mouth. He must have like the taste, because normally if Dylan doesn't like something he throws a fit. He seemed to be really enjoying it.


I got into a routine asking Jasmine for her backpack as soon as she gets home. She doesn't really like this routine, so she kind of started up her own routine of waiting for me to ask for her backpack and then responding with I don't know or I'm not going to get it.the reason I started this routine was because she's not been turning in her homework. Even if we complete the homework at home and send it with her the next day to school it somehow doesn't make it to the why would she want to go through the whole process of completing her homework but then not turn it in?her dad actually asked her that question last night, she didn't really have an answer for it.

I can't get her to sit down and read a book. I don't know when she started to not like school but I really don't like it. Everything was fine last year, she would come home and do her homework automatically, you didn't even need to ask her. Independently doing it only needing us if she didn't understand something. Now she wants us there and babysit her every move. She wants us to give her the answers but we don't and it makes her mad. she was kind of jealous when I found a desk at a garage sale for Dylan's ABA therapy. So a friend of our family told me I could go and pick up a bigger desk and Jasmine could have it. I got the desk but Jasmine doesn't like it because it isn't like Dylan's desk. Dylan's desk was made for a toddler, for a child in preschool. Its tiny, and not meant for a child her size. She's just getting more difficult by the day.

Today was the first day she was excited about anything homework related, Lexia Core 5 could be downloaded to her tablet and she liked that idea. I guess we just live in this big techy world where if it doesn't involve something computer related its not fun, or with her maybe its a phase.

Well today wasn't too bad
Until next time,


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