Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Daily School Report 10/14/14


       Dylan didn't make it to school today, Last night was tough he took a nap we couldn't really wake him up from at about 4 pm way too late for a nap but when he crashes out like that you cant get him up. So he slept until about 6pm and was still acting tired when he woke up, Joey figure if he gave him melatonin  at almost 8 that would make him sleep until morning. Well it didn't work out like that and Dylan was up from midnight till 7 am, then was out cold again. He doesn't normally take naps so its either one of two things, he's growing or he's getting sick. He didn't act sick today when he woke up and I'm going to keep watching him because his little sister is sick. Hopefully tonight he gets to bed at a decent hour. 


     Jasmine bought home a note telling me she wants to have a meeting with me, so she cant try to give me some tips on how to get her to start doing her homework and make it less of a fight. Hopefully shes knows something I haven't already tried because I'm about at my wits end with homework time. Her and her dad are making home made play dough right now to take to school for science class and then when she finishes that it its reading AR time and to bed. 

      Sorry for the Mini compared to normal posts tonight, We have 2 "sickys" in the house and between cleaning and taking care of them I just haven't found the time to sit down until now. October is the worst month in Michigan it seems for stomach bugs.  I hope to have a little more for ya tomorrow.

Until next time


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