Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween Costumes monster family of 5

   I'm so excited for Halloween right now because I picked out our costumes for this year.  I was online browsing because its so hard to find a costume that will fit my daughter Jasmine in stores it better just not to try in store at all. I chose to shop at they have a unbelievable selection, and there are trade-in's and rentals available too.
     Now on to the reason I'm so excited, we are going to be a monster family of 5 :)

   This will be the first year we have ever attempted to match our costumes and also the first time Joey and myself will be dressing up with the kids. We never dressed up with them because I'm cheap and I think the prices of adult costumes are ridiculous. But this year is going to be fun for all. And to top it all off, my check out was only $115 including shipping. Watch out here this Halloween Cody monster family of 5 coming your way.


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