Sunday, October 12, 2014

Was he allergic to my muffin?

     So last night I decided I would bake a pumpkin, which I've never done before and add it to some muffin mix. It took me about an hour and a half to bake the pumpkin and about 20 minutes to make the muffins . I was so excited to get the kids try them to see if they liked them. I gave one to Jordan, Jasmine, Sofia, and I took two. Everyone like them, but at about 9 p.m. My mom come to pick up Jasmine and Jordan. They were going to spend the night with their Nana. About 3 hours after they left I got a phone call , it was my mom and she kinda sounded upset. She started asking me what was this stuff all over Jordans face and arms. Now I didn't know what she was talking about, when the kids left Jordan didn't have anything on his face that I noticed. So I asked her what does it look like?. She told me it looks like tiny bug bites all over him. I run downstairs and ask my sister did Jordan have bug bites on his face, she said he had got bitten by a spider on his left cheek but it wasn't that big. I tell her mom is saying he has them pretty much all over. We really think my mom is just blowing it up. She tends to do that all the time. We tell her its probably nothing and let her go.

      Now five minutes later Jamie's phone and my tablet start blowing up with facebook Messenger. My mom is sending picture after picture of all these what we think are bug bites. As soon as I see the picture of his arm I run downstairs and tell my sister she needs to take Jordan to the ER. I look at the box of muffin mix to see if there's any ingredients on there that maybe Jordan hasn't ever had before. Eggs, milk, wheat, and nuts from trees was listed. Almonds was the nut listed. Jamie told me Jordan ate almonds with her all the time. I start thinking oh my goodness I have poisoned my nephew. I keep telling my sister he needs to see a Dr. and she agrees.  She immediately gets ready to go pick Jordan up at my moms and take him into the hospital.

      The way Jamie communicates on Facebook, she needs the wifi at home to use it on her phone. So I'm sitting here waiting to hear if they say my muffins where the cause of all Jordans problems. Luckily she was able to pick up wifi at the hospital to let me and my mom know how Jordan was and what the doctors were saying. She told me the doctors didn't know what caused it, but it was hives . A full body rash probably caused by an allergic reaction. But to what? Was it my muffin. She told me they wouldn't know until Jordan got a test done to see what all his allergies were.

      Jordan got home from nanas house today and so I went downstairs and asked him did he think my muffin made him sick . He shook his head yes ! Now of course Jordan probably doesn't really know what made him sick, but I doubt he will ever eat anything I make him again.
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