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Edamam Nutrition Wizard Review #sponsored

Product Description

With the Edamam Nutrition Wizard you can analyze nutritionally any recipe or ingredient list in real-time. Using natural language processing, the Nutrition Wizard allows for easy copy/paste or type-as-you-would-say-it entry of ingredients. Only a click away is a full and deep nutrition analysis with calories, fat, protein, cholesterol and 20 more nutrients. The analysis included diet labels to indicate appropriateness for popular diets such as gluten-free or paleo. It also calculates personalized recommended daily value percentages for each nutrient, based on the user gender, age, height, weight and activity level.

At $2.95 a month, the Nutrition Wizard Basic is the cheapest tool to provide such deep nutrition analysis in real time. The Nutrition Wizard Plus, which includes the ability to save, print and export the analyzed recipes, is $5.95 a month.

Dietitians and nutritionists who have tried the Nutrition Wizard like its accuracy, low price point and the fact it is accessible from anywhere.


I was offered to review Edamam Nutrition Wizard and in returned I received subscription to Edamam Nutrition Plus free of charge. All opinions in this posts are still my own and I would never agree to review anything I wouldn't actually want to use to try to use. As I would never try to sell my readers on anything, these are my own opinions and yours may differ from my own.

      I was really excited to try Edamam Nutrition Wizard, as many of you know I have a 3 year old son who is autistic and is also only on a liquid diet as he refuses to eat anything solid at this point. I blend some foods into a puree mixtures so that Dylan can get some new tastes and textures still being able to drink them out of his preferred cup. It's really hard for me to know how many calories he is getting from these shake like mixtures I make for him. I used all of Dylan's information when using the site, but it can easily be switched to any other member of the family looking to keep track of the dietary needs.

     On Thanksgiving I wanted to make Dylan his own "Cup of Thanksgiving" As I called it when making the recipe on Edamam Nutrition Wizard. 

     It was pretty simple to enter the recipe I used. As you can see above I just simply typed in the entry boxes what I put in and the amount of it I put into it. At first I only put that I was making it as 1 serving, but after hitting the big green analyze button I could quickly see that it was indeed was to many calories for Dylan in one setting. So I changed it to 2 servings and analyzed it again. 
     I could see myself using Edamam Nutrition Wizard a lot as Dylan starts to eat more food in this way. Although Edamam Nutrition Wizard is not programed to find daily values of nutritions for children it is meant for adults, I still find it really useful. Without using it I would have never known how many calories were in the "Cup of Thanksgiving". 

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     Another great apect of Edamam Nutrition Wizard is the ability to print off the labels. If I were to make a huge batch of "Cup of Thanksgiving" to freeze and save for later, I would be able to stick one of these labels to the container and quickly look to see how many serving were in the container and how many calories per serving. One thing though, that I wish was seen on the label that is not, would be what size is the serving. For example it says 252 calories per serving but there is no reference to how big the serving is, Like 1 cup of it would be 252 calories? I don't know because it doesn't say. While making 1 batch of my recipe that is small is not confusing, I could honestly see it getting really confusing trying to split up a big batch with lets say about 10 serving inside the one container.                            I also like that on the label it tells about fiber and proteins. Fiber is really important to Dylan's diet and when making him drinks I need to be sure the fiber/protein balance is good for him.    

Another thing that I love about Edamam Nutrition Wizard's Site is the sharing of recipes on there and the ways to search for the type of recipe you want.

      You are able to search from other users recipes using a very organized refined search. Whatever your needs might be you simply check off them and it will search for all the shared recipes in the site. This was something I didn't expect and I saw it as an added bonus to the Edamam Nutrition Wizard site.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience on Edamam Nutrition Wizard. and I could see myself using this for him as he begins to try more and more new foods to be sure he is receiving the proper calorie in take. The price for Edamam Nutrition Wizard Plus at $5.95/month is not bad at all if your going to be using this product a lot each month, I find it would be money well spent.
This is a picture of the food I used to make the "Cup of Thanksgiving" which I then blended with milk and water.
Dylan was really happy with his "Cup of Thanksgiving" And I was put at ease by Edamam Nutrition Wizard, knowing I provided him with enough calories to replace his normal nutrition drink entirely. As many of you know from reading my "When my son quit eating" post, It is really important to me that my son receives substantial calories everyday. And even though he is a picky eater, with this wizard I will be able to blend Dylan some meals we are eating and eat together as a family more.
I ended up throwing in 1 marshmallow to be like the dessert part of his drink, misspelled above opps lol :)

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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