Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Skil-Care Crash pad - Review

The crash pad we have now was lent to us by our community mental health service. Dylan's OT had ordered him one he can keep, and it's going to be the exact same as the one tested that they lent to us, they are just waiting for it to come in.

The crash pad has helped our household, in so many ways. My son has autism and sensory processing disorder, and therefore he is super hyper it's kind of like he's going a hundred miles an hour and he almost never slows down. Before we received the crash pad, Dylan would use our furniture, like the couches and lazy boys, to just thrash about. He would literally bounce off the walls. 

I frequently refer to my son as a little kangaroo, and that is because he can just jump all day long. Jumping and crashing on the crash pad is one of the Dylan's favorite ways to let go of his energy.
My son also seeks deep pressure. So he really enjoys wrestling with other people. The crash pad allows us to wrestle and horse around in a safe environment. We have a great deal of wood floors in our house and to wrestle and crash on them can be harmful to your child.  The crash pad we have is 5 X 5 feet and square, but they do come in different sizes and shapes.
One of the reasons we decided Dylan should get a crash pad also, was because he didn't like to sleep on an actual bed. Dylan had to sleep on a love seat couch that was made of really plush material. Dylan will actually sleep on the crash pad from time to time now. The crash pad is that comfortable.
Some of the things that I like about it as a mother is how easy it can be clean. The cover of the crash pad is created out of a vinyl material, and can easily be wiped clean for easy a mess. Or if something truly awful happened and it's a complete mess then entire cover can come off and be washed.

The crash pad is very durable. Me and my husband play with Dylan on it, I weigh around 150 pounds and my husband weighs about 200 pounds. We've been playing with Dylan on it for roughly 5 months or maybe more and it's held up pretty nicely, all the seams are intact. The only trouble that we had was the logo come off the first time after we cleaned it. But you don't actually need the logo on there.
I also love that it gets my son socially interacting with us more. He actually really likes people to play with him on it, and so it makes him seek out socially.

Overall, we really enjoy having the crash pad, we keep it out in his room where Dylan can use it whenever he wants. And I sincerely believe that it has saved the life expectancy of my furniture :-)

I would recommend testing one out first, to see it works for your child first. Remember to give time for an adjustment period as well, there going to need to learn what its used for and how to replace there current behaviors with it. That takes some time.

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Disclaimer: I did not receive payment to do this review nor did I receive the product as a gift in return for my review. All words and thoughts are my own.

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