Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Daily School Report 12/10/14

Today was a interesting day to say the least. I'm the type of person when I get stressed out I turn into a total neat freak scrubbing my house from top to bottom. It generally takes my mind off of everything that I was thinking about at the time and I end up seriously focused on the job at hand. It wasn't really focused stress on one thing. I tend to get panic attacks and it will feel like a rush of everything going wrong and I feel like my brain is going 100 mph. The only thing I have found to help is the cleaning, It just gets me in the zone. I don't think about anything other then everything I need to clean, I should call it cleaning therapy, "what did you do today? Cleaning Therapy. :) " that sounds about right lol

Both Dylan and Sofia were home with me today, When Dylan woke up he was a total mess I tried giving him the soy formula both he kept on refusing to drink it and throwing his cup. I just knew it was going to be a replay of yesterday at school today if I sent him. Finally I gave in and dumped it out giving him his "normal" formula that is milk based. He grabbed that cup out of my hand like he could tell just from the color of it what it was, tipped it up and chugged away at it. I was surprised to see that after he drank it he seemed content. His doctor told me that it would make him more gassy and have diarrhea but it actually didn't so the entire day I just reverted to giving Dylan his normal formula.

I want Dylan to be in school everyday. It is something he needs to be more social and learn more skills. I don't know if other special needs moms feel like this, but even when my son received other services like early on and even now with his ABA therapy. To me it is never about what I want. I do these things, because I feel like if I don't I am letting my son miss out on valuable experiences to learn something new. As much as I would like to say I am the worlds greatest mom, there are just somethings that I don't know how to do. Sending him to his special pre-school and having him in ABA therapy the teachers there know ways to teach my son that I don't know how to.  I honestly right now am beating myself up for keeping him home so long, it doesn't take long for a child with autism to revert to there old ways and I'm hoping that he can adjust back to school quick. Yesterday I'm sure was because he had gotten used to being home and it become too much all at once at school. But today I think Dylan was just down right mad I wasn't giving him his normal formula. And to be honest I think sending him to school with just normal formula will help him adjust better as well. SO that's what I will do.

There was no ABA therapy today. His workers had a meeting with another child so Dylan got the day off.


Jasmine was hard to get up even after sleeping a lot yesterday after school and then ended up sleeping from about 7pm til' 6:30am when I tried to wake her up, she got up but wasn't happy at all about it.
I got a note from her teacher today telling me Jasmine didn't turn in yesterdays homework, this was in part my fault for not writing her a note about her falling asleep early. I also forgot to ask Jasmine about her homework last night because I was so worked up over the phone called from Dylans school about him might needing to be put on meds.

To sum up this rambling madness this is turning out to be, I am a bit stressed out. My brain is actually still going 100 mph, So I think this is a good as The Daily School Report is going to get today. I think I will feel better after I get to talk to the doctor about what he thinks, whether or not Dylan really does needs meds. I'm also still waiting to find out test results from Jasmine blood work and to hear from her school on the whole special education thing for her. Its a lot of things to take in at once.

But any whooo thanks for stopping by :)


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