Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Daily School Report 12/2/14

Today Dylan, Sofia and me were all home. Dylan is sick and it happened out of nowhere, I mean I know last week he was having a bit of allergies but he seemed like he was getting better and then just started throwing up. Today I tried my best to keep the toddlers separated so that Sofia wouldn't get sick also. I'm starting to feel a little sick myself, you know when things just dont taste right, and you know something is up, that's me right now. Dylan seemed to be a lot better then he was last night but we have him taking anti vomit meds, I just had Joey try to give him something to drink to see if he is really feeling better or if its just the meds. I do think we are going to cancel tomorrow's ABA therapy and preschool just to be safe.

Today is me and my husband's 9th wedding anniversary :)  We aren't doing anything special due to me and Dylan feeling like poo.

We need a new family pic this was taken in 2011


Jasmine actually got grounded this morning because I found out she had been lying to me about homework. She told me every single night that she had no homework, I would check her agenda and homework folder and find nothing. Then I went in her room this morning to find a stack she was hiding that was from the night before, it wasn't finished. So I asked her what is was and she told me.

I don't think of myself as being a strict parent, but this is just taking it too far. Lying, hiding and not doing homework. I know sometimes it can be hard for her and so I dont expect her to get them all right, but I do expect that she at least try and ask for help when she needs it. Also that when I asked if she has homework, that she wouldnt lie to me about it and say no.

So over the next few day there will be no TV, no games, no friends over. The only thing I want her to be doing when she comes home is her homework. Some may say that is strict. Out of all the things I have tried that only thing that works with Jasmine is to take it all way. All distractions gone, and time to focus on what we need to be doing. Then when she does it I will reward her for doing so by giving things back. 

I got some more paper work today from the school for the process of getting in to special education, just kind of a question sheet to ask about medical history and how she acts at home. Im sending it back with her tomorrow, I'll let you all know if I hear anything :)

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